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Bigot Gun Nuts in Irving-No sense for the mentally ill  11/24/2015 -salon  
kill out of state Concealed Weapons Licenses? 3/27/2013 -pstern
Israel and Nuclear Weapons. Why don't they have to tell? 6/9/2010 -humanbeing
Wah! Jerry *Guns in Parks* Patterson Concerned Obama Will Repeal Concealed Weapons In Park Lift 12/10/2008 -salon  
Remember How 70 Percent of the Public Was for an Assault Weapons Ban?  10/28/2008 -salon  
Video-Let's Not Forget that Israel, Which HAS Nuclear Weapons, Is NO PART of the IAEA 5/5/2008 -salon  
Yes, I Do Wonder Why McBlogger Supports *Nuclear Weapons Obliteration* Clinton 4/23/2008 -salon  
Fiendish! VIDEO- Hillary Clinton Threatens to Use Nuclear Weapons Against Iran  4/21/2008 -salon  
Why did the Secret Service Stop Screening for Weapons at Obama's Wednesday Rally at Reunion in Dallas? 2/22/2008 -salon  
Guess I won't Be Taking Amtrak Anymore-Here Comes Officers with Automatic Weapons and Dogs 2/19/2008 -salon  
Republicans (and Chet Edwards) for F-22 Raptor Pork-the Broken Down Cadillac of Cold War Weapons 12/12/2007 -salon  
IAEA- Iran has NOT diverted nuclear material for weapons purposes 11/18/2007 -salon  
Air Force forgets to disarm Nuclear Weapons - Explanation #1 10/19/2007 -joe
So is War Hawk Hillary Clinton FOR Nuclear Weapons Use Or Against it?  8/9/2007 -salon  
54% of weapons given to Iraqi Forces are now missing 8/6/2007 -joe
Car crashes at Nuclear Weapons Plant 7/30/2007 -joe
Why Does the Bush Administration Want to Sell Advanced Weapons to Saudi Arabia?  7/29/2007 -salon  
Terrorism Fears by the Energy Dept- Pantex in Amarillo, Nuclear Weapons Site, is on STRIKE 5/24/2007 -salon  
Which Missing Computers? Oh, You Mean the 14 That Had Nuclear Weapons Classified Information!  4/1/2007 -salon  
TSA Screeners Missed 90 Percent of Simulated Weapons at Denver Airport-Oh, that makes ME feel safe!  3/31/2007 -salon  
Bush says Iran supplying weapons to Iraq...who is providing weapons to Israel used in Lebanon? 2/14/2007 -joe
US building new nuclear weapons facility in Glen Rose, Texas? 2/14/2007 -joe
Texas Has Concealed Weapons Law- How will *this* surveillance tool that finds weapons in open spaces fly? 11/13/2006 -salon  
Are the Torture Weapons Used on the Terrorists the Same Ones Used on Guinea Pig US Citizens? 9/21/2006 -salon  
This would be funny if Wynne Wasn't a Wacko-Testing Microwave Weapons on Americans 9/13/2006 -salon  
Hutchison one of the ignorant who are fooled about Weapons of Mass Destruction? Or is she LYING? 8/18/2006 -salon  
Chemical Weapons Found in Iraq-Except They Came After the US Invasion of Iraq 8/15/2005 -salon  
Paul Craig Roberts: "If they lied about Ruby Ridge, Waco and Weapons of Mass Destruction In Iraq, Why Should We Believe Them Now?" 6/24/2005 -salon  
US Soldiers Planted Weapons on Iraqi Boys and Took Pictures Of It 6/23/2005 -salon  
Bolton tried to get Bustani fired because Bustani wanted to bring weapons inspectors into Iraq 6/4/2005 -salon  
CONPLAN 8022-02- United States Has a Preemptive Strike Plan Using Weapons of Mass Destruction to Attack 5/28/2005 -salon  
Height of Hypocrisy: Bush Seeks Money for New Nuclear Weapons While Pointing Fingers at Other Countries 5/23/2005 -salon  
Speechwriter C Landon Parvin-Where ARE those Weapons of Mass Destruction? 5/2/2005 -salon