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Boy! I Remember Now Why I Dislike Hillary Clinton So Much- *Shouting* 10/25/2015 -salon  
Why Do Republicans Want to Feel Like Victims?  9/17/2015 -salon  
Do Republicans Think They're VICTIMS? Rick Perry Tells Them to Stop Apologizing  6/19/2011 -salon  
Will Madoff victims write off their losses and pass it on to the taxpayers? 1/11/2009 -pharper  
So Now I, the Taxpayer, Am Helping Pay Back Madoff Victims 12/30/2008 -salon  
Families of Bonfire Victims at A&M Get 2.1 million settlement 10/29/2008 -salon  
Video-Wasilla Project on Sarah Palin's Rape Kits -Making Victims Pay For Them 10/8/2008 -salon  
Media-ASK Sarah Palin about Charging Rape Victims  9/11/2008 -salon  
Ugh. When Sarah Palin Was Mayor, Her City CHARGED RAPE VICTIMS for expense of investigation.  9/9/2008 -salon  
Father's Day for Peace-No More Victims 6/12/2007 -salon  
Bush's Sorrow -Flag Flies at Half-Mast -For The Coast Victims? No. For Rehnquist 9/4/2005 -salon  
Local Efforts to Assist Hurricane Victims 9/4/2005 -salon  
Neighbor in Rainbow Bucks On the Brazos Offers to Take in Hurricane Victims 9/3/2005 -salon