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Despite that Herman Cain won big in the 2011 Florida Straw Poll, I smell something fishy in the Florida Gulf... 9/24/2011 -pstern
Ron Paul won the California GOP Golden Gate Straw Poll... with 44.9 percent of votes 9/17/2011 -pstern
Rick Perry and the Iowa Straw Poll-Only A Write-In Because he's not a Declared Candidate 8/10/2011 -salon  
Iowa! Rick Perry Is NOT Even a Declared Candidate- Ask Yourself WHY He hasn't decided to run  8/4/2011 -salon  
In Honor of the Iowa Straw Poll-Rick Perry IS the Music Man! Er..mean Flim Flam Man 8/1/2011 -salon  
Swish! Rick Perry, NOT a Presidential Candidate, NOT on Iowa Straw Poll  7/23/2011 -salon