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Add Erath County Clerk's Office to Texas Counties That Uphold the Constitution  7/1/2015 -salon
More on Marriage-George Takai on Internment Camps and Black/White Marriages 7/1/2015 -salon
UPDATED - SHE HAS BEEN SUED - July 6 -Katie Lang CAVES IN.... Hood County WILL now issue marriage licences for same sex couples  6/30/2015 -salon
UPDATED- Here we go- Federal Law Suit Against Katie Lang, Hood County Clerk That Won't Give out Marriage Licenses to Same Sex Couples  6/30/2015 -salon
Jon Stewart on the Same - Sex Marriage Decision-hah 6/30/2015 -salon
Updated- Called Somervell County Clerk's Office To Ask If They were issuing same sex marriage licenses 6/26/2015 -salon
Republicans in New York Vote to Legalize Same Sex Marriage 6/25/2011 -salon