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Some Republican Congressmen Contest Donald Trump's Bullchit *Spygate* Crapola  6/7/2018 -salon  
Booo! Here Comes TrumpCare if the Republicans Have Their Way- May 4 2017 7/19/2017 -salon  
Hillary Clinton Runs to the Right.. to Court Republicans.. and KISSINGER!????? 8/11/2016 -salon  
One of the most loathsome things about some Republicans is their use of sexism and racism  11/9/2015 -salon  
WHY doesn't Prestonwood Baptist Church PAY TAXES? Political Forum to be held 10/18/2015 10/17/2015 -salon  
Seriously? Bill Flores? What Barrell Bottom are House Republicans Scraping for Speaker?  10/15/2015 -salon  
Why Do Republicans Want to Feel Like Victims?  9/17/2015 -salon  
So... House Republicans Want to Keep Confederate Flags at National Parks 7/10/2015 -salon  
Democrats and Republicans... 1/9/2015 -pstern
A few words of truth on the 2014 elections... 11/5/2014 -pstern
Crazed Republicans Give Up (Temporarily) -Government Back to Work 10/17/2013 -salon  
Our democratic system broken by crazed republicans  10/9/2013 -salon  
'Government Shutdown' 10/1/2013 -pstern
A few choice words on Ted Cruz... 9/28/2013 -pstern
Government and People... 9/28/2013 -pstern
These days we have to ask, 'What is Obama doing right?' 9/26/2013 -pstern
Bi-Partisanship We Dont Need: The President Offers to Cut Social Security and Republicans Agree 4/10/2013 -humanbeing
Medicaid Expansion and Obstructionist Republicans in Texas  3/8/2013 -salon  
Republicans keep blaming Obama for the 'sequester' when they voted for it 2/19/2013 -pharper  
Underfunded Schooling Making Republicans Not Understand What Lying Is? Jezebel Helps 8/31/2012 -salon  
Republicans, Enough with the Death Panels and Independent Payment Advisory Board Lies  8/28/2012 -salon  
What IS it about Republicans and RAPE? Sheesh! Tom Smith Steps into it  8/28/2012 -salon  
Hey Mitt Romney and Republicans- I'm a REAL American, JUST LIKE PRESIDENT OBAMA  8/28/2012 -salon  
Don't Forget-Even Republicans Were Against Job Killer Mitt Romney 8/16/2012 -salon  
When the GOP & Mitt Romney Whine About Job Creation, Don't forget this  8/15/2012 -salon  
Why Don't People, Even Republicans, Like Mitt Romney 8/14/2012 -salon  
So.. Ted Cruz Won Because Nyuk Nyuk the other Far Right Nut Republicans were TOO LIBERAL!!!  8/2/2012 -salon  
The Fake Outrage Ginned up by Republicans Over President Obama's Small Business Remarks 7/26/2012 -salon  
Taxes going up in Somervell County for small businesses? Thank Republicans! 6/17/2012 -pharper  
Republicans Can No Longer Claim to be Pro-Life After Last 2 Debates- Ugh!  9/13/2011 -salon  
Fed UP? Yeah, I'm Fed Up - My Values Versus The Nuts Republicans Have Become 8/21/2011 -salon  
Republicans-No Open Town Halls For You But You Can Pay $15 Bucks To Be With Me  8/16/2011 -salon  
Wake UP! Republicans Fighting to Take Women's Legal Rights Away 7/2/2011 -salon  
Republicans in New York Vote to Legalize Same Sex Marriage 6/25/2011 -salon  
Do Republicans Think They're VICTIMS? Rick Perry Tells Them to Stop Apologizing  6/19/2011 -salon  
Republicans Escalate War Against the Middle Class and the Poor 4/18/2011 -pstern
State of the County...for Republicans only in Somervell County 2/17/2011 -pharper  
sigh-The Democrats Might As Well be Republicans- Recess Appointments Deal Struck 9/30/2010 -salon  
Republicans Suddenly Embrace The Gays! -John Cornyn Attended the Log Cabin Republican Dinner This Week 9/2/2010 -salon  
Dirty Little Secrets the Republicans Don't Want You to Know 7/17/2010 -humanbeing
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) Member of Independent Conservative Republicans of Texas  4/13/2010 -salon  
Video-Jon Stewart on Republicans Plotting Terrorist Acts in Windowless Rooms 11/20/2009 -salon  
Chet Edwards (Us House Dist 17) Votes with Republicans Against Energy Bill (Cap and Trade) 6/26/2009 -salon  
TEA Party in Meridian (Texas) is for Republicans  4/15/2009 -salon  
Perry vs. Hutchison for TX Governor: 2 Republicans in search of the Holy Grail 3/29/2009 -pstern
Chet Edwards (US House Dist 17) Votes with Republicans Against HR 1106 3/12/2009 -salon  
Obama's Fake Exit from Iraq-Designed to Appease Republicans  2/28/2009 -salon  
I Sort of Watched Obama's Speech Last Night 2/25/2009 -salon  
Republican McCarthyism Revisited- Republicans Becoming the Party of Kooks 10/18/2008 -salon  
Republicans Don't Take American Express? Tarrant County Texas 10/16/2008 -salon