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Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry Roundup O Day Sep 7 2011 9/7/2011 -salon  
Prophet Rick Perry Roundup O Day for Sep 3 2011 9/3/2011 -salon  
Crazy Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry O Day- August 28 2011 8/28/2011 -salon  
Laughing at Prophet Rick Perry and God  8/23/2011 -salon  
Rick *Popover* Perry Roundup O Day - August 23 2011 8/23/2011 -salon  
Roundup of MORE weird stuff about Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry 8/15/2011 -salon  
Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry's Faux Anointing at The Response - VIDEO 8/15/2011 -salon  
Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry Wants To Be the New Sheriff In Town  8/12/2011 -salon  
Prophet Rick Perry Attempts To Deflect Attention Away from Cult Religious Meeting  8/12/2011 -salon  
Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry Stars as The Fourth Horseman  8/8/2011 -salon  
Secessionist and Prophet Rick Perry Is a Tease-Might Declare for President in SC  8/8/2011 -salon  
*The Response* Was Such a Great Time! Thank You Prophet Rick Perry!  8/7/2011 -salon  
Who Will Get the President and Prophet Crown? Rick Perry or Warren Jeffers?  8/5/2011 -salon  
Texas Blood Red Lake A Sign About Rick Perry the 0 Prophet? 8/3/2011 -salon  
John Hagee an Endorser for Secessionist Rick Perry's The Response Prayer Party 7/18/2011 -salon  
Second Coming? Bwahahah-Secessionist Rick Perry Compares Himself to Jesus .... 6/15/2011 -salon  
Reading Today- *Blood of the Prophets* -about the Mountain Meadows/Fancher Party Massacre 5/5/2010 -salon