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*The Other* -Why Does Somervell County Hospital District Categorize Property Taxes as Other under Revenue 12/20/2019 -salon  
Somervell County property taxes 2nd highest when compared to surrounding counties 12/3/2019 -pharper  
Property taxes raised 8% by Somervell County Hospital District 12/3/2019 -pharper  
Some interesting info from Somervell County 2018 Proposed Budget 10/11/2017 -salon  
Craig Dodson Indictment Paper- Theft of Property - $20,000-$100,000 Aggregated 7/19/2017 -salon  
Property Tax rates going up 9.2% in Somervell County 9/29/2016 -pharper  
Somervell County Apparently in Talks with Luminant re: Property Taxes/Appraisal Value 9/14/2016  9/14/2016 -salon  
Video- Proposed Tax Rate for Somervell County - Your Taxes Going Up (2016) 9/1/2016 -salon  
Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court Meeting 9/1/2016-re: Insurance & Proposed Tax Rate 9/2/2016 -salon  
Proposed Tax Rates for Somervell County Hospital District (August 23 2016) 8/24/2016 -salon  
HOW MUCH???? Property Worth 31,980 Sold to Nursing Home for 6,534.00 (Somervell County Hospital District)  8/5/2016 -salon  
Luminant-Property Taxes and Actual Value (Texas Observer July 2016)  7/27/2016 -salon  
Somervell County Hospital District Sells Property to Nursing Home for a laundry 7/20/2016 -salon  
Proper For Govt Officials to Direct Citizens to Participate in Prayers? No.. 6/14/2016 -salon  
Carl Baugh Came With Hands Out to Get Out of Future Property Taxes -City Glen Rose Town Council 10/12/2015 10/15/2015 -salon  
Video - Ron Hankins Makes Motion for Proposed Tax Rate Raise for 2016  8/27/2015 -salon  
Proposed Preliminary Glen Rose Medical Center Budget for 2016 (Hospital and 501a)  8/26/2015 -salon  
Glen Rose Medical Center Owns Property in Pecan Plantation and Pays Taxes to Hood County  7/28/2015 -salon  
Oklahoma State Supreme Court says the Ten Commandment Statue on Govt Property has to go  6/30/2015 -salon
Luminant Protesting Property Values in Cameron County TX- Will this happen with Comanche Peak? 6/25/2015 -salon
What about that Rehab Center That Wants to Go Downtown at Inn on the River Property? (Glen Rose)  5/6/2015 -salon
Video-Then and Now- Proposed Somervell County Hospital District 2009 3/6/2015 -salon
Video-City of Glen Rose on a property tax reduction for seniors over 65 and disabled - Oct 2014 10/22/2014 -salon
Prop 1 on the Ballot- What IS IT? Does it REALLY not include toll roads? 10/22/2014 -salon
Hey Greg Abbott-Don't Like People Saying Your Latina Wife is a Prop? Stop USING HER AS A PROP 8/12/2014 -salon  
Do you wonder what the SR2O proposal was? Here it is 3/26/2014 -salon  
Why Is *Army of One* Appropriate for a Public School? (Dennis Lee Ministries) 11/10/2013 -salon  
Texas Voters Approved ALL 9 Constitutional Propositions... 11/5/2013 -pstern
On Prop 8- Hidalgo Hospital District Texas Constitution Change on the Ballot 11/2/2013 -salon  
EFH/Luminant One of the top Texas PAC Contributors for Prop 6 (Water) 10/31/2013 -salon  
SHAME ON YOU, EFH-Luminant if you will NOT PAY YOUR PROPERTY TAXES 10/30/2013 -salon  
Please do NOT vote for Proposition 6 in November 2013 election 10/10/2013 -pstern
SCOTUS Dismisses CA Prop 8 Appeal-Same Sex Couples in CA Can Legally Marry 6/26/2013 -salon  
Early voting is over for new property tax proposal, election day is Saturday 5/8/2013 -pharper  
Early voting has started, have you voted AGAINST the new property tax proposal yet? 5/1/2013 -pharper  
The Battle for Private Property Rights in Texas & Pipelines  4/8/2013 -humanbeing
Election Dates for new property tax proposal 3/5/2013 -pharper  
Thank you Larry Hulsey for standing up to the leeches who want to increase our property taxes! 2/19/2013 -pharper  
Musing about the Proposed Somervell County Hospital District  11/30/2012 -salon  
Somervell Central Appraisal District Property Tax bills and a public notice going out the first of next week 9/28/2012 -pharper  
Rick Perry's proposed 'flat tax' is a joke! 10/25/2011 -pstern
TURF urges Texas voters to defeat Prop 4 on Nov 8 10/17/2011 -pstern
Texas Governor Rick Perry, Eminent Domain and where are our property rights really? 9/21/2011 -pstern
November 08, 2011 Election Set for 10 Proposed Texas Constitutional Amendments 9/20/2011 -pstern
Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry Roundup O Day Sep 7 2011 9/7/2011 -salon  
Why Do ANY United States Patriots Allow Flying Confederate Flags or Symbols on Public Property? 9/3/2011 -salon  
Prophet Rick Perry Roundup O Day for Sep 3 2011 9/3/2011 -salon  
Crazy Secessionist Prophet Rick Perry O Day- August 28 2011 8/28/2011 -salon  
Laughing at Prophet Rick Perry and God  8/23/2011 -salon