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What's New in the Swamp Trump Created? (5/5/2018)-Lying Liars and Stormy Daniels Edition 5/5/2018 -salon  
Even Fox News Says Paul Ryan Was Lying- RNC Party of Liars Pandering to the GullibleRNC  8/30/2012 -salon  
Does Political Office Attract Liars and Unethical Millionaires to It or Does the Job Create Them? 3/15/2012 -pstern
As a Genealogist, I Think Michelle Bachman and Other Census Liars and Avoiders are Nuts.  3/13/2010 -salon  
New Campaign Button for McCain-Palin-The Liars Ticket 9/14/2008 -salon  
Did John McCain Pick Sarah Palin Because they're BOTH BIG FAT LIARS???  9/13/2008 -salon  
Hypocrites and Liars-by Cindy Sheehan 8/20/2005 -salon