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Let's get something straight about gay marriage... 7/16/2015 -Jared
Because Threatening People With Hell and Torment IS Offensive  6/28/2015 -salon
#LoveWins -SCOTUS Rules Same Sex Couples can Marry ANYWHERE in the US 6/26/2015 -salon
Bigotry on its way out, at least through the court system- December 21 2014 12/21/2014 -salon
Rick Perry Flip Flops During His Campaign - I Count 9- YOu?  8/22/2011 -salon  
Roundup of Crazy Rick Perry O Day - August 18 2011  8/18/2011 -salon  
Flip Flop Flip Flake- Rick Perry For Gay Marriage-Oops, For States Rights.. Ooops. .For Federal 8/1/2011 -salon  
Well, LA-TE-Da-Rick Perry's Campaign Political Expenditure At Cross Dressing Bar  7/25/2011 -salon  
Isn't Secessionist Rick Perry's Support for Gay Marriage Going to Cause a Problem for His Prayer Party? 7/23/2011 -salon  
*Fundamental rights may not be submitted to a vote; they depend on the outcome of no elections* 8/4/2010 -salon  
Ooopsie! Can't Claim the Moral High Ground about Gay Marriage When You Do Nudie Pics!  5/5/2009 -salon  
Heh! My Life Is Falling Apart Because of Gay Marriage-Video 9/10/2007 -salon  
Texas Okays Ban on Gay Marriages and Civil Unions 4/25/2005 -salon