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United Methodist Church Resolution Against Donald Trump Treating of People 6/18/2018 -salon  
Why Does Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church Support Sexual Predator Donald Trump?  11/20/2017 -salon  
Ellis Grand Jury Indicted William Cox on August 23 for shooting gun into church 8/31/2016 -salon  
William Cox, Former Somervell Deputy, Drunkenly Shot a Gun into a Church in Ellis County (Texas)  7/30/2016 -salon  
GRMC Employee Spent Stolen Church Money on $20,000 Florida Vacation 11/11/2015 -salon  
Watched the Bloodthirsty Republican Hypocrites at Prestonwood Baptist Church yesterday 10/19/2015 -salon  
WHY doesn't Prestonwood Baptist Church PAY TAXES? Political Forum to be held 10/18/2015 10/17/2015 -salon  
The Ethical Atheist, and Separation of Church and State 10/10/2015 -salon  
What Happened to the Glen Rose Medical Center Employee, Liz Morgan, Who Took Money (Felony Charge) from Cottonwood Baptist Church 7/20/2015 -salon  
Rumour Mill: Glen Rose Medical Center Hospital Employee Allegedly Took Money from a Church 8/25/2014 -salon  
Rick Perry is a Nut O Day -Thinks Separation of Church and State is Satanic 9/21/2012 -salon  
Bigot Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church-DFW-Roman Catholicism a Cult Too  10/8/2011 -salon  
Video-No Separation of Church and State for Governor Rick Perry 8/15/2011 -salon  
Richard Land-Why Are You Attending The Response? Separation of Church and State 8/2/2011 -salon  
Billy Paul Baker of Glen Rose Passed Away-Services 10:00 AM at First Baptist Church, Glen Rose  11/7/2010 -salon  
Separation of Church and State NOT Written in the Constitution-Does it Matter?  10/23/2010 -salon  
On the Fred Phelps/Westboro Baptist Church Free Speech Case That Is Before the SCOTUS 4/16/2010 -salon  
What Do the Boy Scouts Of America, Mormons, and the Catholic Church Have In Common?  4/14/2010 -salon  
Separation Of Church and State? Oh, Kenneth Copeland and his Private Jet Believe in That!  3/10/2010 -salon  
EXCELLENT document on Separation of Church and State 1/24/2010 -salon  
Baptist Coach Takes School Children On School Bus To Church, They're Baptized. 9/9/2009 -salon  
First Baptist Church to Build Big Honking Athletic Complex in Carrollton Texas 2/5/2009 -salon  
Wackos at Westboro Baptist Church at it again-Video 12/14/2008 -salon  
Excellent Book-Constantine's Sword- The Church and the Jews -A History 12/10/2008 -salon  
New Mexico Letter to the Editor About Elections and Separation of Church and State 11/3/2008 -salon  
O-KEY! Here's a Priest Who Needs to Have His Church's Tax Free Status Revoked 11/3/2008 -salon  
Federal Appeals Court Sides with Nutty Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church 11/2/2008 -salon  
Telling Church-Goers How To Vote Without Naming Names 10/15/2008 -salon  
Minnesota Church Asking for Lawsuit- Endorses John McCain from pulpit 9/29/2008 -salon  
Another Reason for Separation of Church and State-the Arkansas Senator's Son Who Got a State-Funded Job 9/28/2008 -salon  
Get Ready to Turn These Churches Into the IRS-  9/25/2008 -salon  
The Militarization of Christianity- Brochure from Stonewater Church in Granbury 9/15/2008 -salon  
Should Churches with Tax Exempt Status Be Able To Preach Politics from the Pulpit?  9/11/2008 -salon  
First Time in 12 Years-Majority of Americans Want Churches to KEEP OUT Of Politics 8/21/2008 -salon  
Saddleback Pastor Says He's For Separation of Church and State But Not Faith and Politics 8/19/2008 -salon  
Why Separation of Church and State? Because I was raised as a Southern Baptist 8/18/2008 -salon  
Speaking of Separation of Church and State 8/13/2008 -salon  
Baa-aaa-aaa! Kiddies! Get Used to Getting Tracked! Start With Your Church 8/10/2008 -salon  
One More Religious Note in Response to Comment re: Sherman of Shiloh Church in Fort Worth 7/22/2008 -salon  
Best Way To Fire Someone? Bush Does it In Church 6/10/2008 -salon  
On Barack Obama Resigning from Trinity Church  6/1/2008 -salon  
Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas Back in the News-Internet Sex Sting with Pastor 5/16/2008 -salon  
Hypocrisy Alert! Clinton Dumping Bill for Cheating -versus Walking out of church for comments 5/2/2008 -salon  
I Presume There are NO Members for THESE White Preacher's Churches or Televangelism Outreaches 4/28/2008 -salon  
Would Hillary Clinton Have Insisted All the Catholics Leave the Church During the Priest/Pedophile Scandal? 4/17/2008 -salon  
Current Pastor of HIllary Clinton's Former UMC Church Defends Reverend Wright 3/26/2008 -salon  
On Martin Luther King and the Black Church 3/21/2008 -salon  
Video -Joe Madison and Pat Buchanan About the Black Church 3/20/2008 -salon  
Waco Preachers on the Politics and Strong Rhetoric in America's Black Churches 3/20/2008 -salon  
Churches with Big Screen TV BETTER NOT SHOW THE SUPERBOWL-or the NFL will fine them!  2/2/2008 -salon