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Some Expanded Facts about Chayce W's Testimony at the ALJ Hearing-RE: Joelle Ogletree 1/12/2008 -salon  
Chayce Wilson works at Paluxy River Realty 11/13/2007 -joe
What kind of a momma's boy is Chayce Wilson? 11/12/2007 -joe
Joelle Ogletree, Former Teacher in Glen Rose, Texas-Roundup of Posts Here Last Few Days 11/5/2007 -salon  
Findings of Fact in Chayce Wilson, Matt Brooks, Joelle Ogletree case 11/3/2007 -joe
Texas Education Agency says Chayce Wilson made the sexually oriented comments during the  11/3/2007 -joe
Texas Education Agency says all of Chayce Wilson allegations were fabricated 11/3/2007 -joe
Dr Phil Update about J Ogletree- Boy #1 -Chayce Wilson- Failed the Polygraph Test 11/1/2007 -salon  
Joelle Ogletree, Former French Teacher at Glen Rose High School-Accused 5 years ago of sex with students 8/19/2007 -salon