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Thinking about Rick Perry and his Pro-Choice Wife... Political Spouses 9/7/2014 -salon  
Smackdown for Rick Perry- Texas Judge Rules to STOP key part of Texas abortion law 8/29/2014 -salon  
Anita Perry Will Protect Scared Rick Perry From Those Brutalizing Debates 10/28/2011 -salon  
Now Poor Anita Perry Whining That her Son Griffin Perry Lost His Job  10/14/2011 -salon  
Anita Perry Comes to Wimp Rick Perry's Rescue-Says GOP is Brutalizing Her Husband  10/14/2011 -salon  
Anita Perry's salary at non-profit is paid for by the Governor's campaign contributors 9/14/2011 -pstern
Anita Perry Sets Her Husband Secessionist Rick Perry Straight About His Wishy-Washy Ways 7/20/2011 -salon  
P.S. On Geoffrey O'Connor -Those Rumours about being Perry's Gay Lover 2/20/2007 -salon