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Some Interesting Abortion Statistics in 2014 for Somervell County  6/30/2016 -salon  
Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN Texas Abortion Restrictions Law 6/27/2016 -salon  
Ken Paxton's Nutty Wish List for Abortion for Texas Lege 10/11/2015 -salon  
How Many Abortion Facilities in Texas As of 7/2/2015?  7/2/2015 -salon
SCOTUS Turned away challenge to Mandatory Sonogram Law re: Abortion candidates 6/15/2015 -salon
Republican Patriarchy-Women, Get Permission from The Man That Impregnated You If you want an abortion 12/17/2014 -salon
Laughing at Rick *Oops* Perry O Day- Joan Rivers Abortion and Indictment Edition 9/22/2014 -salon
Thinking about Rick Perry and his Pro-Choice Wife... Political Spouses 9/7/2014 -salon  
Smackdown for Rick Perry- Texas Judge Rules to STOP key part of Texas abortion law 8/29/2014 -salon  
Free Speech Zones-Now that SCOTUS has ruled against abortion protest buffers 6/27/2014 -salon  
Federal Judges Support TX Abortion Law 11/2/2013 -pstern
Abortion Laws are often stalled in the courts... 7/21/2013 -pstern
Dewhurst Apparently Thinks No One Could See Him Working the Senate 7/14/2013 -salon  
re: Abortion bill demands 7/12/2013 -pstern
Texas Abortion Bill Targets Low-Income, Rural Women 7/9/2013 -humanbeing
Ruminations of the Easily Amused for July 9 2013-Texas Legislature Abortion Edition 7/9/2013 -salon  
Texas Woman That are Pro-Choice-CAn You Get to Austin Tomorrow? (July 8 2013) 7/7/2013 -salon  
'Perry Should Apologize to Wendy Davis' 7/5/2013 -pstern
Extremist Politics Alive and Doing Well in Texas... 7/4/2013 -pstern
Abortion Bill Initially Approved 7/3/2013 -pstern
Wendy Davis channels anger of millions as new Texas makes itself heard 6/30/2013 -humanbeing
Rick Perry-Small Words from a Small Man  6/28/2013 -salon  
Thug Woman-Hating Rick Perry Calls Expensive Second Session - Abortion On Agenda 6/26/2013 -salon  
Texas Senator Wendy Davis-Filibuster is over-SB5 DID NOT PASS!!!!!!  6/24/2013 -salon  
Watched the TXLege online last night-had to laugh at Jodie Laubenberg (Parker, TX) 6/24/2013 -salon  
Rick Perry Hypocrisy O Day- Bureaucrats Telling You What To Do Edition 6/23/2013 -salon  
How Will J D Sheffield (TX Dist 59) Vote on HB60? SHAME ON HIM-He voted YES 6/23/2013 -salon  
What's Sid Miller Going to Do now He's Out of the Texas Lege? Open a Lobbyist Company  11/26/2012 -salon  
VIDEO - Romney's stance on abortion and global warming keeps changing 10/10/2012 -pharper  
RNC Extreme Position on Abortion-No Exceptions-Does Romney Agree?  8/24/2012 -salon  
NO Exceptions for Abortion-Is the GOP Out of Touch? Does Romney Agree With This?  8/23/2012 -salon  
RAPE 8/21/2012 -humanbeing
Paul Ryan Co-Authored a Bill with Akin - Abortions ONLY if *forcible rape*Oh-there are different kinds of Rape?  8/21/2012 -salon  
Paul Ryan- Stimulous Lovin' , Earmarks Grabbin Career Politician (August 17 2012) 8/17/2012 -salon  
Planned Parenthood Patrons Receive FEWER Abortions Than the General Public  6/1/2012 -salon  
Sid *Transvaginal Sonogram* Miller & Doonesbury- Day 5  3/17/2012 -salon  
Texas Shaming Act- Courtesy of Sid *Sonogram* Miller & Doonesbury Day 5 3/16/2012 -salon  
Roundup of Crazy Rick Perry O Day - August 18 2011  8/18/2011 -salon  
What Effect on Texas Women If Planned Parenthood Defunded 7/3/2011 -salon  
You're Pro-Life.... Really???? !!!!!! Cartoon  7/2/2011 -salon  
Wake UP! Republicans Fighting to Take Women's Legal Rights Away 7/2/2011 -salon  
Look Out, Rick Perry and Sid Miller! Your Intrusive Anti-Women Sonogram Law Will Go Away Too Through Court 7/2/2011 -salon  
Sid Miller (Tx House District 59) At It Again re: Abortion 6/17/2011 -salon  
YES! Lawsuit Filed Against Sid Miller & Rick Perry's Sonogram/Abortion Law 6/13/2011 -salon  
So... Women Must Pay For The Sonograms They are Forced To Have  5/25/2011 -salon  
Sid Miller Said That the Sonogram Bill Was Because Women Were NOT ALLOWED to View Sonograms 5/21/2011 -salon  
Because Sid Miller Thinks Women Are Childish And Stupid - The Abortion Sonogram Bill Passes 5/7/2011 -salon  
Anti-Abortion Bill in Texas on fast track for approval 3/4/2011 -pstern
What a Surprise! Not! Hypocrite Republican Party Has been paying for abortions for its employees 11/13/2009 -salon  
Permit 'Choose Life' Plate, then also Permit 'Women's Right to Choose Abortion' Plate 4/21/2009 -pstern