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Is the Issue with Lab Outsourcing an Insurance Contract Issue, Fraud or What? (Glen Rose Medical Center) 5/19/2019 -salon  
Video-Crystal Roseman of Nationwide Insurance Presentation at Somervell County Com. Ct 2019 1/28/2019 -salon  
I want Universal Health Care aka *Single Payer Insurance* vs Mean Trumpcare 7/19/2017 -salon  
Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court Meeting 9/1/2016-re: Insurance & Proposed Tax Rate 9/2/2016 -salon  
Glen Rose Medical Center Insurance for Doctors (Employees) vs Other Employees 7/20/2016 -salon  
About Cuts to Life Insurance- Somervell County Commissioners Court July 11 2016  7/12/2016 -salon  
Are the 501a Doctors w Glen Rose Medical Center Taking Salary Cuts and Insurance Benefits Cuts? 7/2/2016 -salon  
EMCare bills emergency patients at Glen Rose Medical Center at out of network insurance rates 5/17/2015 -salon
About Indemnifying Elected Board Members Against Lawsuits-D&O Insurance 3/21/2015 -salon
The Lunatics are trying to get rid of Social Security and Unemployment Benefits AGAIN! 12/18/2013 -pstern
GOP sure did protect their own health insurance, didn't they?  7/16/2012 -salon  
Here's another opinion on the huge increase in health insurance this year. 9/27/2011 -humanbeing
TDI: Perry Appoints a New Texas Insurance Commissioner 7/20/2011 -pstern
Why Should Congress Get to Keep Their Government Insurance? 1/20/2011 -humanbeing
Thanks to President Obama and the Democrats for putting my two daughters on my insurance 1/4/2011 -pharper  
Gov. Rick Perry and his Insurance Industry 'Axis of Evil' 9/1/2010 -pstern
Video-Insurance Question to Glen Rose Medical Center Town Hall Meeting March 2010 4/2/2010 -salon  
Pre-Existing Condition? For a NEWBORN BABY? Crowley Texas Baby Denied Blue Cross Health Insurance  3/31/2010 -salon  
The Health Insurance Reform Bill 3/27/2010 -humanbeing
And many of you out there are worried about Health Insurance Reform? 3/25/2010 -humanbeing
The Health Insurance Reform Bill. Is This Marxism? 3/22/2010 -humanbeing
Merry Christmas, Big Fat Insurance Lobby-Is Anyone ELSE Happy With this Misbegotten Senate Bill?  12/22/2009 -salon  
Video-The Health Insurance Racket 9/14/2009 -salon  
Video-The Face of Insurance Denial 9/2/2009 -salon  
Ever wonder what the boss of your private health insurance company makes? 8/29/2009 -humanbeing
She Thought Her Maternity Insurance Covered, Um, Labor, Delivery and Hospital Stay 8/7/2009 -salon  
Funny. People in Cleburne can get Earthquake Insurance:):):) 8/3/2009 -salon  
What's Up with Doubled Home Insurance Premiums? 1/26/2009 -pstern
Courtesy of the Insurance Industry: Homeowners Being Taken for a Ride 6/22/2008 -pstern
Insurance *Robbery* Continues: Texas Legislators Push Aside the Fact that Texans Pay the Highest Cost of Home Insurance in the Nation!  3/10/2008 -pstern
Texas AG Abbott Wants to Privatize CHIPs-Anything to Make a Buck for Insurance, eh?  1/11/2008 -salon  
High Home Insurance Costs: Finally, the media is picking up on this urgent issue!  12/20/2007 -pstern
Live in Texas? Even after *Reforms*, You'll Pay the HIGHEST Homeowners Insurance in the Country 12/19/2007 -salon  
Bush Vetoes Children's Health Insurance.... AGAIN 12/13/2007 -salon  
Part II: Texas #1 in Costly Insurance Premiums  11/24/2007 -pstern
Texas #1 in Costly Insurance Premiums!  11/22/2007 -pstern
Time to Aggressively Stop "Runaway" Home Insurance Premiums  11/11/2007 -pstern
Forbes Magazine: Texas #1 in Insurance Premiums!  11/10/2007 -pstern
Ugh. Health Insurer Rewards Employees for Finding Ways to Cancel Health Insurance Policies 11/9/2007 -salon  
Time to rein-in home insurance premiums  8/8/2007 -pstern
What's John Edwards Doing in Waco Today in Private Meetings with American Income Life Insurance Company?  6/28/2007 -salon  
Texans Paying Highest Home Insurance Premiums in the Nation!  6/27/2007 -pstern
Universal Health Insurance Bill H.R.676 6/23/2007 -joe
Texans Paying Highest Property Taxes, Home Insurance Proportionately in the Nation!  6/18/2007 -pstern
HB 3323 --- Vote for Insurance Commissioner a Must for Texans 4/13/2007 -pstern
Texas Insurance Doing Real Well and Waving to Us --- from the Bank!  3/30/2007 -pstern
Allstate Insurance Told To Take Their Good Hands Out of Texan's Pockets 3/14/2007 -salon  
Amicable Life Insurance, Duping Soldiers and how Congress was involved 9/11/2006 -salon  
Sid Miller and Teacher's Health Insurance- Texas 9/7/2006 -salon