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Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers is the Logjam at the top of the State of Texas ex rel Best v Harper suit (salon) Here's my opinion, some editing from original post for brevity and clarity (12/22/2019) Somervell County Judge Danny Chambers has apparently indicated that he is the reason that Somervell .....- 12/19/2019 11:37:57 AM
President Donald Trump becomes the 3rd president to be impeached (salon) Impeachment: USAToday Over the course of his adult life, Trump has always been deeply afraid of two things: being humiliated and being laughed at. In this respect, impeachment is a nightmare, bec.....- 12/19/2019 9:23:02 AM
At least ELEVEN TIMES Where Somervell County Commissioners Court Paid the Bills for the State of Texas ex rel Best v Harper case (salon) At one point a few years ago, while video recording a Somervell County Commissioners Court meeting, I heard Brian Watts add an extra bill coming from Andrew Lucas, County Attorney, office as a budget .....- 12/18/2019 10:02:31 AM
Screen for Jobs on outside of Somervell County Courthouse Annex (salon) I really like this. I saw this the other day when I was at the annex. It's a screen that shows jobs avaiable through Somervell County govt  and other information. I asked Michelle.....- 12/17/2019 6:44:26 PM
Somervell County Court -Presided Over by Judge Danny Chambers from Dec 13 2019 (salon) - 12/17/2019 6:24:53 PM
What led up to Harper sending Notice of Lawsuit to Somervell County? (pharper) On September 29, 2014 County Attorney Andrew Lucas appeared as the State of Texas against me and took over the lawsuit attempting to remove me from the office I was put into by the voters of Somervell.....- 12/17/2019 11:20:46 AM
Paul Harper sends Notice of Lawsuit Against Somervell County (pharper) On December 16, 2019 attorneys for Paul Harper sent 'Notice of Lawsuit Against Somervell County' (atttachment includes notice, final judgment, and OAG letter) to County Attorney Andrew Lu.....- 12/17/2019 9:02:32 AM
Oakdale Park Mgr Grievance Emails with Glen Rose City Manager Michael Leamons (salon) - 12/16/2019 3:51:24 PM
County Attorney email implies the County Commissioners violated the Texas Open Meetings Act in closed session (pharper) On November 18, 2019, the Somervell County Commissioners Court met for a special session. Their web site link: http://somervellcountytx.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_Meeting.aspx?ID=1468 A screen .....- 12/15/2019 8:55:50 AM
Somervell County Clerk Michelle Reynolds office posted inaccurate minutes for County Commissioners November 18, 2019 meeting (pharper) The Somervell County Commissioners Court met on November 18, 2019, online records here: http://somervellcountytx.iqm2.com/Citizens/Detail_Meeting.aspx?ID=1468 Yesterday I went to the County Cl.....- 12/14/2019 8:33:27 AM
Should Govt Be able to exercise pardons for horrible people (Matt Bevins-KY) (salon) Pretty awful. Matt Bevin was voted out as governor of Kentucky in this last round. One of the pardons he ordered on his way out of office was for a convicted killer whose family contributed to Bevins......- 12/13/2019 2:16:49 PM
How Specific Does TOMA Notice Need to be (City of Austin v Lake Austin Collective, Inc) (salon) Saw in the A-A Statesman that the 14th Court of Appeals upheld a ruling that Austin City Council violated the Texas Open Meetings Act by "failing to give the public enough information ahead of a .....- 12/13/2019 1:20:49 PM
House Judiciary Committee Votes to Send Articles of Impeachment to the Full House for a Vote (salon) Historic vote this morning.  Article 1: Abuse of Power.  The Constitution provides that the House of Representatives “shall have the sole Power of Impeachment” and that t.....- 12/13/2019 1:09:40 PM
Video re: Danny Chambers Drag Racing Around the Square In Youth (Glen Rose) (salon) - 12/11/2019 9:09:43 AM
Video-Somervell County Commissioners Court Dec 9 2019 Regular Meeting- FULL (salon) - 12/10/2019 6:57:57 PM
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