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On the IG Report about James Comey- IG found *No Evidence* that Comey Leaked Classified Information
Here's the IG report - PDF New IG report rebukes Comey — and debunks Trump But the report also discloses that the FBI has declined to prosecute Comey for these violations, and &.....
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Religious News and Notes from the Distaff Side
This is ridiculous. Who knows if this is really why Sean Duffy is stepping down or his wife is a convenient excuse. Even if this is his real reason, so what? A pregnant wife who would like her husband.....
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Trump's Swampie Government 8/30/2019
  Isn't manipulating markets against the law?  AIDES ADMIT TRUMP WAS FAKING THOSE “PHONE CALLS” WITH CHINA At last week’s G7 summit in Biarritz, D.....
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How Much on Certificates of Obligation Bond Payment Left? (August 2019)
From the auditor presentation before Somervell County Commissioners Court at special meeting May 30 2019 Which governmental entity is actually responsible for the 14.4 million dollar certificates o.....
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Glen Rose Medical Center Still Not Collecting Blue Cross Blue Shield for Insourced Labs (MMP) (8/2019)
Background Glen Rose Medical Center not getting reiumbursed for outside lab work- Why? Is the Issue with Lab Outsourcing an Insurance Contract Issue, Fraud or What? (Glen Rose Medical Center) .....
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2019 Reminder that Hood County Hospital District residents pay ZERO tax
This has been the case in the past,  because Lake Granbury Medical Center, a for-profit hospital made a deal with the Hood County Hospital District whereby residents (property owners) would pay n.....
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Subleases for clinics Somervell County Hospital District (dba Glen Rose Medical Center) is operating outside the district
Why is Somervell County Hospital District dba Glen Rose Medical Center operating clinics in Texas outside of hospital district boundaries?  The question also is: Why, since Somervell Coun.....
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Great article on financial transparency for non-taxpaying clergy or religious volunteers
Clergy Shouldn’t Be Able to Steal Funds for Grindr or Dolls (Rewire)  We could debate whether immoral people seek out positions in the clergy or whether clerical life corrupts people, .....
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8/23/2019- Judgement Against The State of Texas and George Darrell Best
in the State of Texas ex rel George Darrell Best v Paul Harper case. This is from the judge's order as expressed verbally in court on August 22, 2019. These are the fees incurred up to the final h.....
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About the Out of District Clinics Glen Rose Medical Center is running under Somervell County Hospital DISTRICT auspices
Previous post  UPDATE: Link to sublease post from open records information.  Just a quick mention that I did an open records request some time back asking to see the contracts that a numb.....
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