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Rick Perry Says Screw You To People Who Don't Want To Drive on Toll Roads

27 January 2009 at 1:22:29 PM

I am reminded again, the Texas Republicans have in their party platform that they are AGAINST the Trans Texas Corridor et al. But 39 percent of the people (and you KNOW they had to be Republicans) voted for that jerk. I was reading an article in the DMN about how Perrry still wants to shove toll roads down Texan's throats (and I'll bet he hopes this will make him a viable candidate to run for national office someday once people forget the stench of George Bush the Lesser).

The centerpiece of Perry's push was to shift the cost of building Texas highways to private companies, who would recoup their investments and more with ironclad contracts to collect increasingly expensive tolls from Texas drivers for as long as 75 years.

To sell his plan to the Legislature, he installed his old roommate Williamson, quick-witted and sharp-tongued, as chairman of the Texas Transportation Commission. When they unveiled the plan in 2002, they wrapped it around a stunning vision of 4,500 miles of privately financed toll roads, rail lines and underground utilities that he called the Trans-Texas Corridor....

Even with this month's announcement by transportation officials that they were retiring the name Trans-Texas Corridor and focusing on smaller incremental highways along its previous path, Perry said he remains undeterred. He also said he's confident lawmakers will reject language in legislation already filed that would reduce his influence over TxDOT.

"Nothing has changed for me," said Perry, who added that he's willing to fight for his transportation ideas in the 2009 session – but isn't sure it will be necessary. "

Okay. That's arrogant enough, but this comment just fries me.

"My dad says, 'I ain't never going to drive on a toll road.' You know what? He doesn't have to," Perry said. "For those who for philosophical or any other reason don't want to drive on a toll road, they don't have to. It's the beauty of choice."

Ain't choice, Perry, if you have crappy roads that aren't being updated because you have an agreement with the toll road companies that you will let them go to crap so that people will be FORCED to drive on toll roads just for a decent ride.


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