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How Much DID the RNC Spend on Palin's Now-Trash-Bagged Clothing?

25 January 2009 at 11:45:15 AM

And are they trying to hide it, since, instead of donating the clothes to charity like they said they were going to do, the whole lot is stuffed into trash bags? Yeah, that's what *I* do with my expensive designer clothingj-put it all in trash bags in the closet! From New Conservative

Supporters of the Alaska governor should worry that the RNC's stalling lends credence to negative speculation. Did the RNC and campaign spend more than the quoted $180,000 figure? How much was spent on other members of Palin's family? Perhaps the RNC hopes that stashing the clothes will make the story go away. That is unrealistic; if the governor returns to the national stage, so will any unanswered questions.

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