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High Property Taxes
Texans need property tax relief NOW!

3 January 2009 at 5:29:13 PM

For the past decade, homeowners have paid dramatic increases in appraisal values, tax rates and/or bond packages that translate into higher property taxes

What are state officials doing about it?

Naturally, the best way to provide property tax relief is to revamp and/or eliminate the current Property Tax & Appraisal System; however, that is NOT the most expedient path towards "more immediate" relief.


Taxpayers need a legislative "Pepto-Bismol" for immediate relief because every year during May and June, whether or not it is justified, appraisal districts attempt to increase values that continue to skyrocket property taxes.

For the past decade, homeowners have paid dramatic increases in appraisal values, tax rates and/or bond packages that translate into higher property taxes.

While there is an appraisal cap of 10% on residential property, sometimes appraisal districts have no fear or difficulty proposing more than that amount.

Too many Appraisers and Appraisal Review Boards (ARBs) seem to have little compassion or ethics when it comes to dismissing taxpayers’ protests, and so, every year more homeowners are faced with unaffordable monthly mortgage payments, ongoing increases in cost of living expenses and the threat of foreclosures, which currently are the highest in Texas history – with no end in sight.

Yes, several years ago lawmakers approved a token relief package that is supposed to provide a 33-percent decrease in property taxes over a three-year span.

However, that has become a placebo relief as taxpayers find their property taxes rising much faster than their incomes.

Consequently, REAL property tax and appraisal relief are desperately needed now.

Lawmakers are scheduled back at the Capitol in mid-January. It is imperative that they communicate with the governor and each other regarding options that are needed to provide relief to overburdened homeowners and then take prompt action.

After 10 years of ongoing increases, Texas homeowners can NOT hang-on for another decade.

In addition, last year lawmakers approved the bill to eliminate property taxes for 100-percent Disabled Veterans and voters approved it in the last election; however, legislators did NOT provide the means to do so. Consequently, there will not be any relief for this needy population prior to 2010.

Since officials don't appear to do the right thing, Texans must demand legislators to provide immediate property tax relief.


Governor Rick Perry: http://governor.state.tx.us/contact/

Senate: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/Members.htm

House of Representatives: http://www.house.state.tx.us/members/welcome.php


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