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Women choose Internet over Sex

16 December 2008 at 10:15:53 AM

I ran across this article and thought wow, now there is the difference between men and women.

Internet or sex, which would you choose?
Posted by Dawn Kawamoto

Just how reliant are you on the Internet?

Nearly half of the women questioned by Harris Interactive said they'd be willing to forgo sex for two weeks, rather than give up their Internet access, according to a study released Monday by Intel, which commissioned the survey.

While 46 percent of the women surveyed were willing to engage in abstinence verses losing their Internet, only 30 percent of the men surveyed were willing to do likewise.

The U.S. survey, which queried 2,119 adults last month, found that the gap grew even wider for both men and woman who were 18 to 34 years old. For woman, the percentage of those willing to skip the sheets in favor of the Web rose to 49 percent, while it climbed to 39 percent for men.

And for women 35 to 44 years old, the figure jumped to 52 percent.


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1 - salon   17 Dec 2008 @ 1:03:27 AM 

I remember some years back that one of the columnists for advice, either Abby or Ann, did a survey to ask her readers if they would prefer sex or cuddling. MORE WOMEN wanted cuddling. When, heh, some of the answers drilled into it, some women talked about, um, whether their mate was taking a shower or brushing teeth or otherwise making themselves hygienically attractive. Of course, some women just preferred more kissy/hugging, who the heck knows WHY! But the whole internet thing amuses.

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