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About Dinosaurs and the Bible .. and God

3 November 2008 at 12:47:14 PM

I have had several people recently tell me that they believe that dinosaurs and people were around at the same time on the earth because the Bible said so. One person asked me if I knew the reason that the dinosaurs disappeared from the earth.. I said I didn't know but I had read various theories. She responded that God up and took them, killed them off.  I wasn't in a position to actively argue with her but thought to myself that a God who was majestic and over all wouldn't arbritrarily destroy dinosaurs. Anything about this is a circular argument "Why Would God Care About Killing off all the Dinosaurs En Masse?". "Who KNows? God works in mysterious ways".

And, um, if someone believes that he (or she) did, then seems to me it would be up to that person to show some proof. Same lady said she had read about dinosaurs in the Bible and wanted to show me. I said I had seen the word Leviathan in the Bible before and didn't need to be shown. However, I don't believe that, in the Bible, Leviathan is referring to a dinosaur, but rather a large sea creature of some type. You can see that by reading the context of the verses that mention leviathan. Of note in this last linked reference, there are many different opinions, even among those of religious faith, about what leviathan is. So, while Young Creationists might like to think that leviathan is a dinosaur, there's nothing in the Bible to prove that is so.

incidentally, I visited the Creation Evidence Museum in Glen Rose recently and found it to be disorganized and rather sad. Readers know that I don't agree with the premise but a member of my family wanted to go see it (he erroneously thought there was a picture of Jesus riding a dino there and he wanted a laugh) and so, for 2 bucks admission, we figured we couldn't go too wrong.  But it would have been better to have saved that 2 bucks for a coke. First up, when you walk into the place, which is near Dinosaur Valley State Park, there's that fake Alvis Delk footprint in a prominent position. Then, to the left, some kind of odd Jewish artifact that had nothing at all to do with creation. There were the usual fossils sitting around that you can find a lot of in Glen Rose anyway. And, most humorously, there was this oxygen hyperbaric chamber room, in which Carl Baugh seeks to prove that higher oxygen levels will make you smarter (heh).

Some of Carl Baugh's more outlandish claims, contained in his videotape Panorama of Creation, are as follows:

    1. Before the Flood, the earth was surrounded by hydrogen which was so cold it was metallic and this collapsed when God shouted. This is nonsense. It is impossible that such a surrounding cloud of hydrogen could ever be cold enough, especially in such proximity to the earth.
    2. People could hear the 'singing' of the stars before the Flood. Apparently the metallic hydrogen (which could not have existed) enabled this to happen.
    3. People could 'feel' the time before the Flood.
    4. People can affect radioactive decay rates with their minds. There is absolutely no evidence for this.
    5. Eggs do not hatch outside the earth's magnetic field. Baugh claimed that NASA did an experiment demonstrating this. Absolute nonsense.
    6. Granites (which contain radioactive elements) are not exploding because they are in 'perfect balance'. However, radioactive elements do not normally 'explode' of course - that requires very special conditions which are not easy to arrange (if it were otherwise, every terrorist group would have atomic bombs!). Even pure radioactive elements will not 'explode', so the fact that granite does not has nothing to do with 'perfect balance' of the granite.
    7. He argues that, in some way, radioactive minerals align themselves with the magnetic field, which is nonsense.
    8. He says that people were smarter before the Flood, attributing this to a supposedly higher oxygen pressure. There is absolutely no evidence that high oxygen levels would make people more intelligent. He talked nonsense about 'four molecules of oxygen', linking this to his subsequent theories about oxygen saturation. Furthermore, there is no basis for his extravagant claims about the curative effects of high oxygen pressures - if it worked as he claims, paraplegics would be lining up to be treated (many hospitals have suitable hyperbaric chambers).

Also seems that Carl Baugh doesn't have legitimate credentials from accredited schools.

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