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Um. Somebody Needs to 'Splain to Sarah Palin what Freedom of the Press Is

31 October 2008 at 3:25:55 PM

heh. And this woman wants to be taken seriously? I'll lay a bet that she goes to become a tv pundit after this, ala Rita whositz with the husky voice-style.

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If Sarah Palin doesn't like how the press is covering her statements, she can exercise her First Amendment right to free speech by complaining, loudly. (Which she's doing.) She can even base her complaints on totally fatuous reasoning. (Which she's doing.) She can also buy print ads and TV commercials and air her views in the very mediums that are currently hurting her feelings. (Which her campaign is doing.) Or she can grab a microphone and complain about Obama's associations as loud as she wants, for as long as she wants. (Which she's done, from time to time, at her rallies.)

What Sarah Palin can't do is tell the media how it should cover her, and then claim her Constitutional right to free speech is being violated when the media doesn't do her bidding.

That's how a Banana Republic works.

Isn't having one CURRENT idiot for president ENOUGH?

P.S. Here's video from Countdown Laughing at Her

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