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So.. Sid Miller Supports John McCain... Why Is That?

25 October 2008 at 10:09:57 AM

In an ad running this week in the Glen Rose Reporter newspaper, Mr. Miller says that he supports John McCain because he is a "an American hero and patriot".

Let's examine (and hey, how old was that picture of John McCain?

Many veterans don't consider McCain a hero. (Perhaps Mr Miller recalls when McCain voted to stop looking for POWs and voted against transparency in POW records-protecting his own?) He voted against veterans. And his rating with veterans is "D".

Does Miller agree with McCain's lack of family values? That, as an adulterer, he ditched his crippled wife and married the woman he was screwing behind his wife's back, a younger, rich woman?(His own children at the time were so upset that they refused to attend the wedding and the Reagans were furious with him-guess why Nancy Reagan would have nothing to do with him for years.)  His new trophy wife stole money from her own charity.

Does Miller agree with McCain meeting with Pinochet of Chile, who was to be tried in International Cirminal Court for war crimes?

Does Miller think that McCain's low-life campaign of smears, race-baiting and red-baiting is an appropriate way to treat one's opponents? (Especially ironic since McCain was the victim of it during the 2000 Bush administration and vowed not to do it himself. Until he was losing badly in THIS election.)

Does Miller agree with McCain that it's a good joke to talk about bombing Iran? Does Miller think that McCain is fiscally responsible when he has said that we will be in Iraq for many years (in fact, he said 100 years at one point)?

Does Miller think that McCain is wise for putting an untested and unvetted person on the ticket as vice president, where it appears now she is going her own way as a *rogue* element?

What about McCain's extensive lobbyists ties? Of course, Mr Miller has his own ethical dilemma right now due to the business he owns with lobbyist Todd Smith, that he, oops, neglected to list on his personal financial statement? Or the TAB business group that just pled guilty to illegally using corporate money to fund campaign flyers, including Sid Millers'. Miller asked lobbyists groups to block walk for him, rather than, say, ordinary citizens in this district. .

It's all about character and who you trust, right?  McCain is not a trustworthy person and we find it more than remarkable that Miller is willing to hitch his star to supporting him.

P.S. I voted for Ernie Casbeer.

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