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Bwahahah! Whiner John McCain Secretly Envious of Barack Obama's Fund Raising

20 October 2008 at 12:42:42 PM

Why else say, basically, that there just MUST be something wrong or shady lurking there with all that money... unlike McCain, who isn't getting the donors Obama is?

The root of their argument is that about $300 million of Obama's total fundraising to date has come from donors whose amounts were lower than the $200 threshold at which the campaign would legally be required to itemize and disclose the donors' identities -- and there are so many of them that the Obama camp has said it would be unfeasible to itemize them all voluntarily.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis rolled out a new term for these donations: "Secret Donations."

Heh. I guess the donations we've been giving must be SECRET, too. When we can, we give 15-25 bucks at a shot. Can't afford more. But we want to give to Obama.

Incidentally, it must be hard on Old McCain to be overshadowed by his VP.

A few minutes ago, John McCain was giving a speech in Missouri--and both CNN and MSNBC switched over to his running mate, Sarah Palin, in Colorado. I don't think I've ever seen this happen before. But then, this is a business...and Palin has been delivering bigger ratings and crowds than the top of the ticket. Still, weird.

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