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John McCain's Reptile Tongue

16 October 2008 at 3:16:06 PM

From Slog-Omigosh, I saw this photo originally on Andrew Sullivan and thought it was photoshopped. No. It's real, it's on Yahoo and one of the most emailed photos.

Anthony Hecht from Slog explains what he thinks the prob is- tongue jutting behavior From Bluff Magazine


Tongue-jutting behavior is a gesture used by people who think they have gotten away with something or are “caught” doing something. I have seen this behavior in fl ea markets both in the United States and in Russia, among street vendors in Lower Manhattan, at poker tables in Las Vegas, and in business meetings. In each case, the person made the gesture – tongue between the teeth without touching the lips – at the conclusion of some sort of a deal or as a fi - nal nonverbal statement. This behavior has several meanings – depending on specifi c situations – but is usually associated with one of these: I got caught (taking candy from a drawer), gleeful excitement (look at what I just did, Mom), I got away with something (and I didn’t get caught), I did something foolish, or I am naughty. At the poker table, watch people showing a tongue jut when they get you to commit to the pot and they have the nuts. It shows up all the time. I have also seen players who make big laydowns perform the same action. Are you ready to trust your eyes yet? Focus on the mouths of your opponents when you’re in action, but also be aware that your mouth is being looked at for tells. Calm the quivering lips, lip licking, chewing, and tongue jutting. Just be aware of what you are giving away. Try covering your mouth as you deliberate on your cards and before taking any action. You may fi nd that this is one area where your lips can sink a ship.

and this will make you laugh.

Warning this next picture has a curse word

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