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David Letterman Snarking on John McCain.. and his teeth... bwahahahahahah

15 October 2008 at 10:34:16 AM

From the CBS Site. 

Bwahahahah- transcript from LA Times Blog

You heard what happened at a rally yesterday. Sarah Palin mistook some of her supporters for hecklers. And you know, confusion happens in all walks of life. For example, a few weeks ago, John McCain mistook her for a legitimate candidate. ...

And tomorrow night is the final presidential debate. John McCain and Barack Obama. And John McCain is going to take this opportunity to unveil his new campaign persona. His new campaign personality, to really energize the last couple of weeks of the campaign -- Fighting Underdog. Fighting Underdog. ... And if that doesn’t work, then he’s going to go to Corrupt Bordertown Sheriff. And if that doesn’t work, Seen-it-All Bartender.  And then Priest Who Tries to Communicate with Martians. And then the Alcoholic Safecracker. And then the Maniacal Hunter Who’s After Human Prey. And then the Shifty Racetrack Vet. And then the Retired Jewel Thief. And then the Archaeologist Who Scoffs at the Mummy’s Curse. ...

I’ll say one thing about John McCain -- the guy is an optimist. He sees the glass as half full -- of his teeth.

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