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What Do David Ifshin and John McCain Have in Common? Both Used for Propaganda Purposes by N Vietnamese

8 October 2008 at 10:29:23 PM

Wrote about David Ifshin the other day.

When a young man David Ifshin had been a radical, really quite a radical. He hadn't contented himself with opposing the Vietnam War, he had done the unthinkable, for many the unforgivable. As president of the National Student Association in 1970, he went to Hanoi and urged American troops to turn against the Vietnam War. His remarks were broadcast over Radio Hanoi. And Radio Hanoi was broadcast in the prison cell of John McCain.

And here's McCain being used for North Vietnamese propaganda

Songbird Is Pilot Son of Admiral, " . . .

Hanoi has aired a broadcast in which the pilot son of United States Commander in the Pacific, Adm. John McCain, purportedly admits to havingbombed civilian targets in North Vietnam and praises medical treatment he has received sincebeing taken prisoner . . ."

In 1970, McCain III agreed to an interview with Dr. Fernando Barral, a Spanish psychiatristwho was living in Cuba at the time.

The meeting between Barral and McCain III (which was photographed by the Vietnamese)took place away from the prison at the office of the Committee for Foreign Cultural Relations inHanoi (declassified government document). During the meeting, POW McCain sipped coffee andate oranges and cakes with the Cuban.

While talking with Barral, McCain III further seriously violated the military Code of Conduct byfailing to evade answering questions "to the utmost of his ability" when he, according governmentdocuments, helped Barral by answering questions in Spanish, a language McCain had learned inschool. The interview was published in the in January 1970.

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1 - jakejj   9 Oct 2008 @ 7:32:31 PM 

Why are the Obama people not bringing this up? It would be the perfect counter to this whole Ayers story. I am trying to get the word out but so far, not even the mainstream media has picked up on it. Only Huffington. I'm getting real frustrated over this.

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