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2008 Presidential Election:
I will vote for John McCain if...

7 October 2008 at 10:22:36 AM

FACT: The majority of Texans will vote McCain and Palin come Election Day.


Look, I know I'm not part of the majority here in Texas who plan to vote for Senator John McCain and Gov. Sarah Palin. 

But I am willing to work in the best interests of the American community and would consider voting for McCain if:

  • McCain drops Palin like a hot potato for another running mate
  • Americans recognize that the last person we need as VP is a "Joe 6-pack hockey mom"
  • We see that a person who lives her life in Wasilly, Alaska can not and does not speak for most Americans
  • McCain changes his mind re: voting for the IAG bail-out and tells Wall Street to pick itself up and start over again without government interference, after all, McCain did vote for more deregulation and should not flip-flop on his previous voting
  • Palin stops trying to present herself as a middle class remedial high school dropout
  • The "lightbulb" goes on above members of our Congress and they all see that deregulation is not just for when corporations make huge profits
  • After years of having a dope president, Americans realize that it might not be a bad thing if we elect someone more intelligent to lead our nation.

Only then would I reconsider to vote for Sen. John McCain.

But of course, McCain does not need my vote to win in the state of Texas.



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1 - salon   7 Oct 2008 @ 10:25:10 AM 

Heh. We know that's not going to happen. McCain is now exposed as a dishonorable man who will do anything to win the presidency. He will never dump Palin, he prefers apparently to be seen as a morally bankrupt person instead.

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2 - pstern   7 Oct 2008 @ 4:42:02 PM 

Still, too many American voters will vote McCain / Palin and we really have to comprehend why that is.  Why and how do so many Americans identify with that ticket.

The Democrats should be viewing that as well, learn from it and start to connect somehow with that population.

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3 - salon   7 Oct 2008 @ 5:17:04 PM 

Looks to me that that population are the racists that would have voted for George Wallace. I don't think Democrats need to pander to that segment. Sigh. YOu know, there will always be those who are cowardly and need to pull rank over others on the basis of race. Let the McCain camp have them. If there are more of them in Texas than other states, well, perhaps that's how it is. But seems to me that Palin and McCain lately seem like they're channelling the Ku Klux Klan. And good for Democrats to stay the heck away from that.

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4 - pstern   7 Oct 2008 @ 9:33:32 PM 

There is a 50 percent of those voters who last time voted for Bush.

I don't think you can make such a random statement that the majority of these votes are due primarily to racism.

Yes, for sure there is a number of racists as you state; however, I believe there are far too many people who are "taken in" by various candidates, unsubstantiated "facts" and the data of real issues.

Most people don't know or give a "hoot" about the political reality and history of the candidates.

Most people really don't know the issues well either.

I think the Democratic Party should reach out to these sort of people.  It would help them in this campaign and in future ones.

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5 - salon   7 Oct 2008 @ 10:32:05 PM 

Of course I don't know what percentage of the population that wants to vote for McCain are racist. That said, his actions (and Palin's) in the last week ought to disturb people of ANY political persuasion.

I think the Democratic party reaches out to the same groups of people, generally speaking, as the Republican party does. I don't know why anyone voted for Bush last time, as you said, these people may not give a hoot about political reality but they also may be ones that aren't paying strict attention now either.

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6 - pstern   8 Oct 2008 @ 5:53:22 AM 

Let's look a little more closely at a few points:

Fewer people today have the time or the desire to follow the real issues closely.  And let's face it, some of us who follow many of the issues closely don't have a clue what is really going on in government and what takes place behind the "closed doors" and what often is "piggy-backed"  and hidden within various proposed bills.

Furthermore, I think a lot of Americans are getting sucked into the myth of the Palin "Joe 6-pack, hockey mom" persona, as if that should be the criteria for selecting the 2nd highest management position of the U.S.  But people are fed-up with the status-quo in Washington and all the politicians who continue to lie and cheat the public.  Palin offers a different option.

In addition, like her or not, Palin exudes a certain kind of American arrogant behavior and independence that a lot of people like, e.g., when she tells the debate moderator, "I'm not going to answer your questions, I'm going to speak directly to the American people."  Right or wrong, there's something there that a large number of voters like.

I find it all very interesting and yet also disturbing.

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7 - salon   8 Oct 2008 @ 7:10:28 AM 

I take issue with your last point, In fact, Palin's approval numbers have been going down, not up. There may be some that like Palin's arrogance, but baloney like refusing to answer debate questions isn't part of that. The poll numbers for Palin in her own state have gone down. McCain's numbers are going down instead of up, and Obama has been gaining leads in states that have voted for Bush before. Perhaps within the McCain Palin ticket where McCain is disliked generally anyway she bumps it up a bit, but it's not working to bring it up to a winning level.

And I completely disagree that being ignorant is an American trait. Perhaps for some. But if it was something Americans in an overwhelming level admired, again, McCain would be winning. He's not.

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8 - pstern   8 Oct 2008 @ 5:05:41 PM 

You can take issue with it if you want to, but  there's a large group of Americans who seem to love her for that.

As for "American ignorance":  Again, 50 percent of Americans voted for Bush A SECOND TIME!  The rest of the world just shook their heads at us.

If voting-in Bush TWICE doesn't show ignorance, I don't know what does.

Don't forget that initially during the 2008 GOP candidate hunt, McCain was way down low on his own party's list.

Too many GOP didn't want him then and still don't want him now.  That's part of his problem.

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9 - salon   8 Oct 2008 @ 5:14:26 PM 

Must be a breeze right now from all the shaking heads from around the world.

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10 - pstern   9 Oct 2008 @ 6:03:49 PM 

No doubt.

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