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O The Life of a Texas House Legislator (Part 2) Sid Miller Texas House District 59

18 September 2008 at 5:06:22 PM

Here's part 1 explaining about open records and calendars, etc.

Continuing with looking at July 2007 through the end of the year. Comparing the TEC report filed in January 15, 2008 with calendar records from July 2007 etc.

First up, the contributions, for reference.

And here's a doc that includes the TEC report and his calendar. I only put on the things that interested me,and of course, just because an event is listed doesn't mean Miller attended.  For example, and this has nothing to do with Miller, as he was out of town in Las Vegas, Todd Staples hosted a holiday Santa Safari Shotgun Shootout at hte Exotic Game Ranch, with dinner.

Questions for Sid Miller, when he reads this, comments welcome.

  1. Still wondering what the Nadine Craddick Committee is.
  2. Are the two Texas Ethics Commission fees actually fines being paid out of your campaign contributions?
  3. Is it typical for a campaign to pay for scholarship money (ie, the Texas Farm Bureau)? Typical to pay donations to the chamber of commerce or rodeo associations (as opposed to joining fees?) Maybe it is, but to me, it seems odd because it's awfully shmoozy. 
  4. If a lobbyist pays for your dinner, is there anywhere that is listed? I only see occasional dinners, which means, I assume, that someone is paying for you, you're paying for it yourself out of your own pocket or your're charging it to your campaign. Fot the latter two choices, what's the decision tree on whether you pay for meals out of your own pocket versus charging to a campaign? Do you have to supply or keep receipts for the TEC report?
  5. When you went to the energy conference in Canada, after being in Las Vegas, there's no campaign expense for airline tickets, etc on the TEC report. Did you pay for that yourself or was it paid for by the conference?

Overall, it's pretty fascinating reading.

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