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Video-Cindy McCain in 2004 Talking about Smears Against John McCain

15 September 2008 at 6:42:01 PM

I clipped this from CNBC back in 2004, had put it on CanOFun, and was rooting around today looking for it. At the time when I watched this I thought it was interesting to see that flash of anger from Cindy McCain about the smears that had been levelled against her husband (of course he was not running in 2004, the interview was partly about Kerry and Kerry's wife-I may put that clip up next.) If you watch the clip NOW it seems particularly ironic because you can see the difference between the honorable McCain who pulled attack ads and ran an honorable campaign... and lost to Bush, and the I'll-Do-Anything-To-Win-Dishonorable-Gutter-Ball John McCain of this year. Makes you wonder what Cindy McCain REALLY thinks about what her husband is doing now... or maybe she has sold out, too.

P.S. It's pretty funny when she says "It's Time to Move ON From Vietnam".  

Yes, indeed.

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