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Boy, I'm All Fired Up Now! Where's Hillary Clinton to Take on the Sarah Palin Baloney?

4 September 2008 at 12:25:22 PM

I am not and have never been a Hillary Clinton fan but she is, at this point in time, uniquely qualified to take on the bs that Sarah Palin is dishing. No More Choice. Abstinence Only Training. Joining up with McCain to fight equal wages  with men. Cutbacks to Teen Pregnancies Centers.

Obama's great but the challenges more properly come from not only NOT from the person running for president (as IF there was some kind of parity there) but from a woman who believes herself to be in the fight for equality and choice. I actually think I could start gaining some admiration for Clinton if she got herself out right now and took on what living in a McCain/Palin America would mean.

And Hillary Clinton is the person to talk about what sexism is or what it's not.

It's just so funny. Only last month I was writing about how I was in the summer doldrums, not paying much attention to politics and generally having a fun summer doing other things. Whammo! All it took was a nutjob right-wing evangelical woman who wants to turn the clock back and who's apparently happy to Sit At the Feet Of Her Master to energize me. No way No How No McCain.

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1 - brenda   5 Sep 2008 @ 2:12:04 PM 

Amen!!! Heaven help us all if this duo takes over the White House.

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