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You Can't Gripe About Privacy for a 17 Yr Old Girl and Baby IF YOU USE THEM AS PROPS

4 September 2008 at 8:56:57 AM

I don't agree in the first place that the way someone raises his or her family when he or she has power to make decisions ABOUT how others raise their families should be somehow off limits. But that's how *I* feel and I'm entitled. I want to know if a woman who decided to bring 5 kids into the world has someone else watching them, especially the down syndrome child. (And when it seems apparent that her own 17 year old daughter actually is fulfiling the role of caretaker instead of mom). Or why a woman who is for abstinence only sex ed training has a pregnant daughter, and why she thinks that is or whether abstinence training is a good idea when it didn't friggin even work for her OWN family. I want to know why she didn't admit that her daughter was pregnant or did John McCain know and tried to fool people or why they tried to pressure the Baby Daddy to marry her before the RNC convention. Why? Because I want to know if she's the type of person that is secretive or lies or is hypocritical.

But that's me. It's pretty pathetic, though, to hear John McCain and his minions suddenly say that, boo-hoo, the Palin family and the baby should be off limits to talk about, AS IF PRIVACY AND RESPECT were the issue. IF that were 1, then McCain wouldn't have brought the Baby Daddy to the convention and seated him, not just any old where but in a prominent spot. And we wouldn't see pictures like THIS if the McCain campaign was NOT trying themselves to use the Palin children... as PROPS.

and here's McCain with the Baby Daddy

and, From Reproductive Health-   I saw a title from an article that I've been wondering about too. SINCE WHEN has the religious right had no problem with teenage pregnancies out of wedlock? Doesn't the Bible have some strict things to say about fornicators? Hypocrites!

While social conservatives are screaming about Palin's pregnancy being about "choosing life" and lauding her for her wonderful choice to raise her child and marry at 17 years old, they are equally as angry at any other teenage female (remember, it's females that the conservative, extremists rail against when it comes to teens and sex) who chooses to have sex.

What the religious right doesn't get, however, is that those who question them are not delving into this discussion to demonize Bristol but to advocate on behalf of the millions of other "Bristols" that are now or will in the future face a similar situation. It's crucial that we shine a light on the far right's hypocrisy (or "cruelty" as Linda Hirschman writing on points out) and the policy decisions that both Palin and McCain consistently make that hurt young people just like Bristol Palin, bar access to programs that can help reduce unintended pregnancies among teens just like Bristol Palin and educate young people (just like Bristol Palin) in order to make healthy decisions about sex.

Go read the rest of the article to see the abrupt about face of groups like FRC or *Concerned* Women, et al.

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