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Bob Perry Crying in His Beer- Sunset Commission Recs That TRCC Be Abolished

21 August 2008 at 6:01:43 PM

Course just because the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission recommended that the Texas Residential Construction Commission be abolished doesn't mean it will happen. After all, there's a lot more money Bob Perry can dish out to willing Texas legislators that may convince them to keep it on. But here's why the TRCC is a crock.

The report said the TRCC is not a 1 regulatory agency and is not effective in keeping problem builders from working. The report also said that the process for homeowners to resolve disputes can be difficult and frustrating and that homeowners do not trust the inspection process.

The sunset commission concluded "that anything short of a 1 regulatory program does more harm than good, and should be abolished."...

The sunset commission report said homeowners must go through the agency to air disputes with home builders before going to court. In reality, homeowners get so frustrated with the process that the cases never go to court, according to the report.

"No other regulatory agency has a program with such a potentially devastating effect on consumers’ ability to seek their own remedies," the report said.

Oh, you're not sure who Bob Perry is? Or what he has to do with the TRCC? From the Daily Texan.

Bob Perry hemorrhages money for Texas politics. During last year's election cycle alone, the Texas home-builder dropped more than $6.7 million to candidates and political action committees in the state. He gave Gov. Rick Perry (no relation) $380,000 during the same period.

So it's not surprising to see that this sugar daddy wants a few favors in return. Right now, he's asking the Texas Supreme Court to help save his company, Perry Homes, more than $1 million.

When Bob and Jane Culls' Perry home began to show defects - an unstable foundation, cracks in the wall - the North Texas couple began writing letters to Perry, demanding repairs. After more than three years without a satisfactory response, the Culls sued Perry Homes in 2000, demanding action. Concerned with the possibility of a drawn-out legal battle, the couple moved to arbitration, which Perry initially fought. But a district judge, appeals court and even the Texas Supreme Court sided with the Culls and said the case should go to arbitration.

In 2002, an arbitrator ordered Perry Homes to pay the couple $800,000. Perry's lawyers said the judgement was biased but lost the appeal to a district judge and an appeals court. Now Perry is hoping the Texas Supreme Court, which heard arguments on the case Tuesday, will bail his company out of the settlement - now worth more than $1 million after interest. The Culls have yet to see a dime.

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