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Religious News and Notes on the Distaff Side -August 21, 2008

21 August 2008 at 12:43:22 PM

Mabank First Baptist Church Youth Pastor, Joshua Neal Ponder has been arrested for sexually assaulting a minor; not a girl. He was youth minister at a baptist church in Palestine before that.

Austraiian preacher pretended he had cancer to bilk the gullible.

DISGRACED pastor Michael Guglielmucci has been ordered to report to police by church officials, who will investigate what has happened to money raised during his terminal cancer deception.

The Australian Christian Churches told The Advertiser yesterday that it was auditing Mr Guglielmucci's bank accounts, which included money donated from people touched by his hit song Healer.

Mr Guglielmucci confessed his two-year fraudulent cancer battle at a national executive meeting of the ACC on Saturday, and was stripped of his credentials.

Additional charges against youth pastor John Picard of Mansfield, Ohio. Antoher women, the third one, came forward to say that he had sexuall abused her.

Investigators said that Picard not only used his position in the church to prey on his victims but also used scripture to convince the girls that what he was doing was right

Court rules that having a Bible in the jury deliberation room was wrong, but man's death sentence stands.

Adding a page to this site called "Pastor Watch", which reminds also of the Republican Family Values page.

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