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So... NOW that Alvis Delk/Carl Baugh Fake Footprint Scans Have been taken to ANOTHER Medical Center

11 August 2008 at 12:42:35 AM

The Mineral Wells Index, which is probably thrilled to get all this attention, has another article on the dinosaur print that has a footprint next to it (Wonder if the editor saw the article in the Fort Worth paper about the Glen Rose native's granddaddy and pappy that made a fake stone like but hid it once the Smithsonian came calling-heh). Anyway, it's pretty amusing that the dang stone, no, I mean the CAT SCANS of the stone,  got taken... to a scientific study place? Nope. To ANOTHER medical center... in Mineral Wells, Texas!  Quite entertaining.

It’s a relatively small step forward, but one thing has become certain about the intersecting footprints contained in a piece of North Texas limestone – they were made by stepping into the rock when it was soft.

At least that’s the opinion of a local radiologist who independently reviewed imagery data of what is steadily becoming a well-known and controversial slab of rock.

“Something compressed that rock,” said Dr. Charles Myers, head of the radiology unit at Palo Pinto General Hospital, who on Thursday reviewed CAT scan images – digital high-tech X-rays – of the stone. “Displacement caused by stepping, I totally agree with that. I think that is conceivable.”

But that is all that can be said at this point with any certainty.

Yuh-huh. No offense to Dr Myers, who may be a very fine radiologist but this is not his field of expertise.In fact, if this is him listed, he's not an MD but a DO, with 4 years of experience or so.  Or perhaps that last link, being a junior is his son but Chuck Myers  in radiology ALSO is a DO.  I leave yet another link to the fineStonesnBones blog which has some comments that must be read, to include Carl Baugh's modus operandi in the past of using cat scans to try to prove his fossils are not fake, a link to a place that does fossil related CT scans in Austin, some names of certified geologists, etc. One commenter also points out that the other expert Floyd Nolen Jones, is not impartial but is a creationist who beileves in the infallibility of the Bible. 

For myself, I find it a little odd to read how David May, editor of the Mineral Wells newspaper  writes this article.

The areas of higher compression and density appear brighter in the images, while areas of less density – essentially the absence of solid material or presence of softer material, appear darker.

Proof that the prints were not made – in whole or partially – by means of tool or chemical etching tosses out some of the debunking theories that are already circulating the Internet by proclaimed evolution experts who have quickly judged the rock a fake on the basis of nothing more than seeing the stone’s photograph online.

It isn't only that what the two doctors have done in a medical lab is not proof, and that the Delk stone ought to be sent to a real gealogist/paleontologist at an accredited place of research for a relevant opinion, it is that Mr May wrties the article AS IF THIS CONSTITUTES PROOF and therefore anyone who wants to see a scientific examination by necessity has that idea *tossed out*. Is this an editorial from Mr. May? Surely not news, because his own opinion is in there, but where is the label to say that this is his opinion or an editorial?  Perhaps the fact that he wrote it with his name on the article should indicate that this is just his opinion and is not based on facts but conjecture.

Once again, the way to prove this once and for all... and please don't give Carl Baugh a dime of your money until he does this, is for him to TAKE THE STONE to a reputable geologist who specializes in fossils for a complete examination.  Heh, or like the moonshiners did, go hide the fake when Smithsonian comes calling.

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1 - glen kuban   12 Aug 2008 @ 1:15:36 PM 

I have been working and writing on the Paluxy tracks and Baugh's claims for many years, and have written a preliminary critique of the Delk specimen, which is at the following URL. I welcome comments and corrections before I add it to my Paluxy website menu (the second link below). Thanks. Glen Kuban

Delk Print article draft:

Paluxy website:

2 - glen kuban   13 Aug 2008 @ 12:17:30 AM 

If anyone accessed my draft of the Delk critique earlier today, please visit the site again. I've made some corrections and additions. In particular I want to point out that I had inadvertently identified Zana Douglas as Delk's granddaughter, from a misreading of a newspaper article. Ms. Douglas is in fact not a member of the Delk family, but is the granddaughter of George Adam's, who is the man known to have carved prints in Glen Rose decades ago.

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