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Arizona Says NO to Unfunded Mandate Real ID Act! Homeland Security Threatens *Real Consequences*

21 June 2008 at 5:11:56 PM

Yeah. Only the latest state to soundly reject Real ID, otherwise known as the 666 National Identity Card.

Napolitano said her primary concern is that Congress, which imposed the mandate, has yet to cover the costs to the states.

“My support of the Real ID Act is, and has always been, contingent upon adequate federal funding,” the governor said. “Absent that, the Real ID Act becomes just another unfunded federal mandate.”

Laura Keehner, press secretary to the Department of Homeland Security, acknowledged the money already being provided and in the pipeline will not be enough to cover the cost, estimated at an extra $8 for each driver license, a figure that ultimately comes out to about $3.9 billion nationwide. But she said the state and its residents will benefit in having a more secure document.

The HOmeland Security spokesperson in the article says, hey, if you states don't get with the Real ID program, your residents won't be able to fly on a plane. Boo-hoo. Maybe people will say, I don't want to pay extra to check my bags, to be frisked at the gate, to go through a Naked Body machine, have people watching surreptitiously to see if I look suspicious, etc and decide it ain't worth it.  Or they'll KICK OUT all the yahoos in Congress that stupidly put this in (can you say... REPUBLICANS.. plus Joe Lieberman?) and go back to non-Big Brother days.

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