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When Will John Cornyn Denounce and Reject John Hagee?

23 May 2008 at 11:48:02 AM

As everybody knows, John Hagee, who John McCAIN went after to GET his endorsement, is a total racist crazy. This is from February, 2008 before John McCain denounced Hagee.

Cornyn has long political connections with Hagee dating back to his first race for Texas Supreme Court in 1990. Asked about Hagee today, Cornyn called him "a good man and someone who does an enormous amount of good." As for his comments about Catholics and a U.S. attack on Iran to bring about the end of the world, Cornyn called them "doctrinal differences with other Christian denominations."

"I'm not an expert on that," Cornyn said.

Oh. Is it a *doctrinal distinction* to talk about God using Hitler to bring Jews to Israel?

Here's Hagee's political contributions, which include John Cornyn.

According to this article in Washington Spectator, John Cornyn STARTED his political campaign at John Hagee's church.

Senators Sam Brownback (R-KS) and Rick Santorum (R-PA) attended the 2006 Washington, D.C., kickoff of Christians United for Israel, standing by as Hagee called for an End Times war on Iran. Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison, old acolytes from Texas, were also present. (Under Karl Rove's tutelage, Cornyn started his political career with a pilgrimage to Cornerstone Church.) Party chair Ken Mehlman joined Hagee on the speaker's platform. President Bush sent a pre-recorded message.

P.S. Maybe Kay Bailey Hutchison needs to denounce and reject Hagee, too????????

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