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The Gasoline Tax: just another legislative *slush fund*

21 May 2008 at 6:05:01 AM

More legislative "cronyism"! 

The gasoline tax is little more than another legislative "slush fund" whereby lawmakers continue to divert OUR tax dollars from it to their various special interests.  While we're told that a percentage of the gas tax fund is going to public education, it also is going to Gov. Rick Perry's UT higher education cronies.


It is outrageous that legislators are permitted to divert taxes to higher education especially after approving the deregulation of tuition costs 2 years ago, which has led to no less than 4 tuition increases by UT.  Other colleges and universities are following suit.

The gas tax has been frozen at least for the past decade.  Periodically, officials look to increase the tax, but have yet to do so.  Believe me, we are very lucky they have not.

The gas tax was created to finance the building and maintenance of our roadways and officials have no business using that money for other purposes.

Years ago I contacted the offices of the Attorney General and Travis County DA regarding the diversion of our tax dollars and was told that there is no law opposing that action.  Lawmakers are permitted to do it!

Consequently, we need to demand that legislators modify the law to prohibit "slush funds" and diversionary tactics using our tax dollars.

We need to put that priority right up there along with changing the campaign financing laws!

Tolls, a.k.a., toll "rates", are nothing more than another infinite taxation that we will pass along to generations of our children and their grandchildren.

Wealthy special interests need to be prohibited from influencing lawmakers and managing our nation.  Such manipulation dominos down to state and local levels and it must be stopped.

It won't happen unless we taxpayers demand it! 


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1 - whitkat   21 May 2008 @ 8:44:46 PM 

(Okay, I posted this one on the earlier thread about toll roads, but I am moving it here because this is more pertinent.)

I think that was the "reason" for the tax, but it was created during the depression when revenue was needed to finance work programs.  Since automobile owners were "rich" then, they were a good source of easy funds.  Hoover's legislation called for 1 cent per gallon to be a temporary tax, but it was made permanent during FDR, and up until 1956 the proceeds collected went into the general fund. 

So much for political promises.

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