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Yes, I Do Wonder Why McBlogger Supports *Nuclear Weapons Obliteration* Clinton

23 April 2008 at 11:25:45 AM

but I like him anyway.

I can appreciate that he wants Clinton because she's mean. Because she is. Heck, she wouldn't be doing her Rovian-style tactics if she wasn't. And she wouldn't be war-mongering about nuking part of the world if she wasn't. I don't happen to like that, never have. Didn't like it with Bush, don't like it with Clinton.

And I do have to agree that I will be examining my own political affiliations. In my own life, I have always had a strong anti-war bias. Not on every single war, because I do believe in *just* wars. But nuclear war fearmongering really goes beyond the pale for me.  That's not just being a mean old bitch... it's nutty.

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