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Dr Phil May Get Booted From the Oprah Stable Soon-For Being Unprofessional

14 April 2008 at 10:48:51 AM

I don't watch Dr Phil but every once in a while, his name pops up into the edge of my consciousness. The last time I watched him was when I heard that Joelle Ogletree was going to be on the show and I thought he was a complete ass then. (I said this before but the biggest joke to me was when he told Mrs. Ogletree that his show didn't have sensationalized screaming matches, etc in an effort to comfort her about Matt B, her accuser coming onstage-and then he cut to commercial and there was a mother and daughter screaming at other in a promo for an upcoming show.) Then, I read that he had gone into Brittney Spears hospital room last year to get her to come on to the show-ugh. And now his show apparently bailed out a female in jail IN ORDER TO get exclusive rights for her to come on his show to the tune of $30,000. And this is NOT sensationalizing or pandering? I don't really care if they axe his show or not, because it won't affect me either way-but on a higher level, I hope his show gets axed since he pretends to be a professional and many people apparently view him that way.

P.S. Here's a video compile about Ogletree and Matt B

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