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On John Hagee, the Bigot that John McCain Hugs Up To

5 March 2008 at 3:09:04 PM

(when he's not hugging Bush)

I came across a 50th anniversary program that had one of Hagee's sons and his wife shilling a book of photographs about Hagee for a donation of 100 smacks, and part of it amused. I've made a clip which is below the next two, more about this in a moment.

Hagee is a KOOK! If you're Christian or have a Christian background (I was raised Southern Baptist) you believe that Jesus was the Messiah. Not Hagee.

Here's Hagee's bigotry on Catholics.

Seems that Catholics don't much care for being dissed, even though John McCain is HONORED by the endorsement.

And now on to something a little different than Just Grandpa McCain loving his endorsement from a bigot who he refuses to denounce. This is late night television snark at its best. First up, the son calls his dad "Pastor" while his wife calls Hagee "Daddy".  Hagee wanted to start a television station but his wife didn't want to do it. They had dueling prayers to God. Wife talks about submission and how she was "standing up on the inside". So, Hagee couldn't get the licences on his own, he had his WIFE because she is female and hispanic apply for the licence!  "Much more opportunity" or, um, opportunistic! "The Lord has brought you to this moment" even though she's friggin praying to God the whole time not to have him succeed.

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