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Erik Slaughter of GRISD has resigned

19 February 2008 at 7:48:56 AM

I saw and asked Wayne Rotan, the superintendent of GRISD, about this last night at a school board meeting. He said that Slaughter *had* been placed on administrative leave of absence AND that he has resigned. (I notice that the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's High School Confidential had confirmed the leave of absence.)

Glen Rose coach Erik Slaughter is on administrative leave, Glen Rose superintendent Wayne Rotan confirmed Monday. Rotan did not specify the issue as to why Slaughter is on leave, but said, "It's still under investigation. We'll make an announcement at the end of that. I do not know how long it's going to be and I cannot say much else."

But Slaughter has resigned, so an investigation at this point is moot.

Pretty sad. I guess that pretty well confirms the rumours, then. To put a finer point on it, with some speculation, I had heard that the husband of a former student of Slaughters saw the article in the paper about Slaughter becoming coach at Stephenville and raised a fuss. And that apparently there was enough substance to the story that Stephenville decided it wouldn't be such a good idea to hire him and withdrew the offer. That left Slaughter in the unenviable position of being without a job and having to beg for his job back at GRISD. I believe it's possible that the admin at GRISD didn't know at the point they agreed to take him back about the Stephenville situation, because they agreed to do it. But somehow they must have found out shortly after and, at first, put him on leave of absence to investigate the story. It may have occurred to the admins that with one lawsuit currently in process against the district, that is, Joelle Ogletree suing GRISD,  that maybe keeping Slaughter on wasn't such a hot idea. I speculate that they told Slaughter, either you resign or we fire you. Or perhaps since there was going to be an investigation, Slaughter resigned to put an end to that.

The bottom line is that he is gone and GRISD is looking for a new coach. If anyone knows for sure more specifically about the timeline here, feel free to comment or send an email.  Not debateable that Slaughter resigned.

P.S. Here is a copy of the email Wayne Rotan sent out re: Slaughter's resignation.

Erik Slaughter has submitted his resignation as Head Coach and Athletic Director at Glen Rose ISD. In his two years with Glen Rose ISD, Coach Slaughter has done an outstanding job with all athletic programs and serving as a mentor and role model to student athletes. He has been an integral part of the success of Glen Rose ISD. I would like to thank him for his work in Glen Rose and I wish Coach Slaughter and his family the very best in the future.

My goal is to build upon the gains and success of the program in the last two years by providing consistency with our staff.

The search for a new Head Coach and Athletic Director will be a very quick process and will begin with an internal candidate. I anticipate the position could be filled as quickly as February 25, 2008.

Thank all of you for your hard work and dedication to the students of Glen Rose ISD.

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