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Ted Nugent Not Happy About the Republican Party Vs *1* Conservatives

11 February 2008 at 2:27:15 PM

I read the Waco Trib so every once in a while I come across rabid Nugent's opinion column. Once I even watched his commercial filled hunting show which notably had less time actually doing things than selling stuff. Anyway, I was amused reading this, as Nuge is not happy with the Republican party, but rather defines himself as a *conservative*.

The base of the Republican Party used to be composed of staunch conservatives who championed limited government. Though the Republican tent was large and accommodating, there was no room for people who did not, at a minimum, subscribe to limited government and lower, dare I say, fairer taxes.

In a quest to achieve political victories, the Republican Party seemingly has abandoned its conservative base in search of independent voters. Conservatives have quietly been marginalized by the Republican Party. Yet the Republican Party believes conservatives will rally around the Republican Party at the ballot box because conservatives have no other place to go — a mistaken assumption.

I speak to conservatives on a daily basis who are discouraged at the direction the country has taken under Republican control. These disgusted conservatives all sing the same heart-breaking blues song: "The Republican Party has squandered too many opportunities to promote conservative values."

Gee. What hope is there for Republicans if Even Mr. Kill It and Grill It is disgusted?

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