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Huckabee Wacky Note O Day- *A Cop In Front of Every Mosque* ... in America

16 January 2008 at 4:02:09 PM

I saw the other day that Huckabee wants to change the constitution to bring it in line with the Bible. I can't begin to say how many things are wrong witth that, although I'm sure it appeals to some right-wing religious zealots. But why does he have a man like this working for him?I have to believe he agrees with this, even if he doesn't publicly express it as his advisor does.

Three months before Pinkerton joined the campaign, he recorded an episode of with Mother Jones editor David Corn. During their conversation, Pinkerton declared that he would handle “American Muslims” by putting “a cop in front of every mosque” in America:

PINKERTON: You asked me what I would do about American Muslims. Answer is I’d put a cop in front of every mosque until I was completely satisfied nothing was going on there.

CORN: You’d put a cop in front of every mosque?

PINKERTON: That’s what I said. […]

CORN: I mean, do you have any proof that every mosque deserves a cop in front of it?

PINKERTON: I said, I would put one in there just for safe keeping all the way around.

Invasive punitive treatment of a religious minority is not the only outrageous idea Pinkerton has put forth over the years. Here are a few more examples:

- In a 2005 column, Pinkerton advocated genocide in Iraq, writing that America can make “anti-American violence in Iraq end” by unleashing “the Shia Arab Muslims and the Kurds to finish the job, all the way to the bloody extreme.”

- On Fox News in June 2006, Pinkerton complained about people who feel the “military needs to be carefully restrained with legal rules and procedures,” exclaiming “I’d rather lose our civil liberties than lose the war.”

- In December 2006, Pinkerton argued that “proximity to Mexico is at least partly to blame” for corruption in Texas.

- In September 2007, Pinkerton warned in the American Conservative of “Muslimization,” concluding that “to keep the peace, we must separate our civilizations.”

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1 - pstern   16 Jan 2008 @ 4:23:03 PM 

I don't know about the rest of you, but the guy scares me.

There's something very wrong with a man if he believes literally in EVERY DETAIL documented in the Bible.

In 1980 when I attended New York University Graduate School I was priviledged to attend a 3-month seminar on the Bible presented by a noted World Bible scholar.

It was a fascinating excursion into the inner workings of the Bible and viewing it as a historical tool of information.

Even this biblical scholar is intelligent and reality-based enough to know that not everything in the Bible should be taken literally, or, as "the Bible" on facts.

So, would I vote for Huckabee?

Not in my lifetime.

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2 - salon   16 Jan 2008 @ 5:05:04 PM 

I just saw a post where he said the way he's going to appeal to SC voters is by telling them he eats deep-fried squirrel. Um. Just who IS he appealing to? And what is he saying about SC Republicans?

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3 - salon   16 Jan 2008 @ 6:26:33 PM 

One more comment about this. Compare Mike Huckabee wanting to change the constitution with the Ayatollah Khomeini's fatwah.

"Article 2

The Islamic Republic is a system based on belief in:

1.the One God (as stated in the phrase "There is no god except Allah"), His exclusive sovereignty and the right to legislate, and the necessity of submission to His commands;
2.Divine revelation and its fundamental role in setting forth the laws;
3.the return to God in the Hereafter, and the constructive role of this belief in the course of man's ascent towards God;
4.the justice of God in creation and legislation . . .

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4 - pstern   16 Jan 2008 @ 9:21:11 PM 

Well, for the first time in years the GOP has a bunch of men running for the presidency who really are clowns.  They are not viable for the American people to consider.  Of the top GOP dogs, who would you vote for:  Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain???

What a group!

While I don't love the top of the Democrat's list, at least they have some intelligent considerations.  I wouldn't vote for Clinton or Obama unless those are the final choices --- even then I'd have to reconsider.

I believe the Republicans have already knocked themselves out of this race.

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