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Funniest Scumball Guiliani Scam-Secretly Using Funds for His Mistress

4 December 2007 at 10:06:58 AM

so that the NY Police Department Could Walk Her Dog!

The records show that - in addition to using City Hall funds to take Giuliani and Nathan to 11 secret trysts in the Hamptons, as has been previously reported - taxpayers were paying to ferry Nathan on long-distance trips without Giuliani, now a Republican contender for President. 

Aides to the presidential hopeful insisted Friday that all the expenses were legitimate - although Mayor Bloomberg's gal pal, Diana Taylor, happily goes without police protection.

Aides dismissed questions about Nathan's security detail as old news, since it was reported in 2001 that the NYPD granted her full-time protection that year after an unspecified threat was allegedly made against her. The detail was approved by Giuliani pal Bernard Kerik. 

Bernard Kerik? Bernard KERIK? The man who's just been indicted?

At the time, it was not uncommon to see Nathan being chauffeured around the city in an undercover Dodge with two detectives, who sometimes even helped to walk her dog.

Oh, I want that man to be president, don't you? Maybe he'll send some money MY way so that I can have the local police walk MY dog. Oops, forgot that I'm not secretly screwing him on the side.

P.S. Guliani also put money aside by prepaying his Amex card for his travel expenses-nice way to HIDE WHAT YOU"RE DOING, isn't it!

.....The expenses were all paid with a City Hall American Express card funded with money from mayoral office units that had nothing to do with travel or security.

One document dated June 26, 2000, shows how money from five such offices - the Mayor's Office of People with Disabilities, the Community Assistance Unit, the Assigned Counsel Administrative Office, the Loft Board and the mayor's liaison to the United Nations - was used to prepay an American Express account to the tune of $60,000.

That card was in turn used to pay for many security-related costs on trips taken by Giuliani, Nathan, Giuliani's children and, until their marriage dissolved in 2001, First Lady Donna Hanover.

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