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The Bush Presidential Library in Texas.. and Karl Rove's Lying to the Media Lately

2 December 2007 at 12:18:13 PM

Karl Rove has been running around on various television shows lately trying to reinvent history and say that it was the Democrats (or Congress) that wanted to hurry up the Iraq War before the elections. He lied again this morning about Tom Daschle. He's been caught lying and contradicted by Andrew Card and Ari Fleischer, who charitably didn't call Rove a liar... but that's what he is.

So he's a dang liar. What's disturbing is that he may be the one that will be put in charge of Bush's legacy-building presidential library (not set yet but will probably be at SMU in Dallas). That means that Bush doesn't give a darn what people say NOW, but he hopes to hoodwink people born in the future. I thought this was interesting from a Bush Library Blog about whether Karl Rove will be the first head of the Bush institute.


The Bush people, they told me, have been scoping out research facilities, taking a look at how institutions try to set themselves up to house both archival records open to a wide range of researchers and provide a productive working environment for fellows. The person leading this effort was nobody other than Karl Rove, the President’s chief political strategist, and — whether you like him or not — undeniably one of the great political geniuses of American history. Rove is personally going around to these libraries, meeting with their directors and checking out their facilities. According to one colleague, he seems to know exactly what the square footage of the building will be and where it will be located on campus.

The idea that somebody as high-up in the Bush administration as he is would actually do this took me by surprise. It suggests that Bush, Rove, and company really do see their complex as a top priority. Upon further reflection, though, this is consistent with the administration’s explicit invocations of its place in history — Bush, like Harry Truman, may be unpopular, his spoksemen tell us, but his heroic struggle against terrorism will be vindicated by history. It’s also consistent with the clear effort to conceal the most damaging information about the administration, whether by using private email accounts for conducting business that should be covered by the Presidential Records Act, or by ensuring through Executive Order 13233 that George W. Bush and his heirs will be able to deny access to pretty much any records that they want.

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