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Tacky O Day-Waco (Texas) Cemetery Puts Up *This Space Available* To Sell Some Plots

2 December 2007 at 11:35:34 AM

Um. Isn't it possible to have a discreet LISTING of the plots in some kind of map for people to see? MUST they put *FOR SALE* signs up next to the dead????? What's remarkable about this is that the people at Waco Memorial Park can't see why this is in more than bad taste.

Some visitors to Waco Memorial Park are expressing disgust that cemetery management is putting what amounts to “For Sale” signs on empty burial plots near their loved ones.

Cemetery management, however, says signs that read “This Space Is Available” actually help families looking to acquire a group of plots together....

“We take it very seriously as well, but usually, because we have so many inquiries and sometimes people don’t come in (to the office) and ask, it’s helpful for them to look up and see that there’s space available around them,” Thornton said. “I’m certainly sorry if anybody is hurt by this, but in a cemetery, the burials are very close.”

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