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Dr Phil Update on J Ogletree -Friday-Boy #2, Matt B, Failed the Polygraph Test

2 November 2007 at 4:02:50 PM

From yesterday, where C Wilson failed the test.

Besides Matt B testing and being told he was being deceptive, he clearly lied on the show. I had just been looking before the show at the TEA hearing deposition, where Matt said he wrote a poem about his experience (and said today, to Ogletree's horror, that he read it in front of the class, but said he had never made copies of the poem). BUT, from page 33 of the TEA hearing (which, again, is public and online at the TEA website)

On cross examination, Matt acknowledged having written a poem his senior year about the alleged incidents involving Ms. Ogletree, but he denied having made copies of it. Nonetheless, he also acknowledged having testified in a deposition that he had made copies of the poem and given them to his friends. When asked whether his deposition statement was his testimony, Matt answered, "That’s my testimony, yeah."

Ogletree told him he was lying and he said he wasn't. And yet.. he was.

He also tried to bring up the fact that she married her high school teacher. But the TEA hearing transcript makes clear that not only was Ogletree dating somebody else during her senior year in school, she didn't start dating Mr. Ogletree until after her graduation. So enough with the innuendos.

I've said here before that I had not formed an opinion about what Ogletree was saying, only that I completely defend her right to defend herself. Well, now I have, and I think she's innocent. Of course, it's not only me, but the courts and TEA that have said so, that have said what these boys  (except for the one that already recanted his testimony) said was fabricated, and add the two lie detector tests that both failed... on television.

Video snip of the detector results.. I also took his blinky-eyed reaction and slowed it down. Now, that's my personal feeling, that when you see somebody blinking up a storm, they're probably lying and trying to dissemble while searching for a canned answer.

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1 - U_Cant_B_Serious   2 Nov 2007 @ 6:47:01 PM 

It is hard to fathom how the 'stories' these two boys told were ever given credence beyond an initial investigation.  Neither of these boys (now young men) display any credibility.  You have to wonder why after all these years -- with the opportunity to practice their story over and over -- that they cannot keep facts straight, answer inquiries directly, etc.

If there was any doubt that Matt's story was just that, a story, you just need to view how he grasps at straws when it is revealed his polygraph showed him to be deceptive.  He then resorts to deflection with an incredible insinuation about Ms. Ogletree.  He could no longer defend his story and needed to get the heat of the spotlight off of him and back on her.

Typically the only time guys take this much time and go to this much effort to attack a woman's character is vengeance for being spurned or ignored.  You have to suspect these teens got caught up in telling stories about their conquests and then didn't man-up and tell the truth when caught.

In the face of this ridiculous defense of the allegations against Ms. Ogletree, you have to wonder what was being held over the head of the school administration to maintain such a hardline in this case.   It's doubtful the resulting award from pending lawsuit will justify whatever it was.

2 - rachaogle   2 Nov 2007 @ 10:42:58 PM 

All I have to say is that you don't know anything.  What our family has been through is horrific.  If you think that she's dragging your town's name through the mud you're just crazy.  That place has smeared her name without ever even looking into the allegations.  It's about time some one in the major press took notice of a good person slammed into a aggregious situation.  This incident has marred our family name and it disgusts me that some idiot boy got away with this for so long.  Does anyone know what its like for her not to volunteer at her daughter's school?  No.  It kills her.  Her children are her life and even though we won in the courtroom, she still suffers from 0 allegations.  Just remember that it doesn't just affect her or your town, but her family has been slandered as well.

3 - salon   3 Nov 2007 @ 12:35:29 AM  Hold your head high. You have nothing to be ashamed of; it's the other families that need to examine themselves. I'm sorry this happened to your family.
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4 - Integrity*rules   3 Nov 2007 @ 12:45:25 AM  I have never posted a blog before and never heard of this case untill today. Today it is time to offer support to this teacher and her family!!! Especially to "To the Lady" who has the courage to fight aginst the odds and declair to the world she is not going cave underpressure and take the easy road. To post this blog I had to think of a name to use and it came easy because when I think of this teacher "Integrity*rules" came to mind. Mrs. Ogletree we could see in your eyes on Dr. Phil you know you have won! And there is more to do but it's nothing compared to what you have alread endured.
Congratulations! (Get back to teaching soon!) cwc

5 - Integrity*rules   3 Nov 2007 @ 1:05:23 AM  What ever happend to accountability?  I don't care if my boy is suduced by a teacher, a preist or a family member.  I hold them accountable for their own actions and if they do not know the difference between right and wrong I as a parent have failed!  Where are the parents?  As a parent the words I will never use is...."my boy would never do that"!  Not to say I will not support them when they do the right thing.  Still be there for them when they might stry.  Bottom line is if it were my boy in this position I would have felt like I were part to blame and I would take some responsibility.  The stroy of the boy just dosen't hold up and yes kids will lie!

6 - Dentonteachermom   3 Nov 2007 @ 1:32:25 AM 

How unfair!  That poor woman.  Joelle, keep your faith and don't let anyone make you feel inferior.  I am a teacher myself, a Latin teacher.  3 of my classes loved me, but the 6th graders had a tough Latin class and about half of them didn't care for me at all.  I could imagine them doing something like this if they thought they could get away with it.  Maybe not of this nature, but one of them was just fine, and then a parent showed up early for the Christmas party and he started crying and saying I was being mean!  At least the principal didn't buy it.  Back to Joelle, I will pray for her and her family.  These boys are liars and scum with very uneducated and/or ignorant parents.  I will pray for them as well.  They need it more.  Best wishes to you and your family for the future!

7 - joe   3 Nov 2007 @ 1:38:52 AM 

One of the parents, Glenn Wilson, is a member of the city council. Funny you mention integrity because here is his campaign ad (taken from the pdf):

I commit to the citizens of Glen Rose to be accountable for each and every decision I make as your councilman. I will research every topic before I cast my vote. I will vote based on my Christian ethics and make no apology for doing so. I ask for our vote for a positive change.


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8 - Integrity*rules   3 Nov 2007 @ 2:20:41 AM 

It will a good thing if Mr. Wilson lives up to his words and teaches his boy by example!

It's time for Mr. Wilson Jr. to make a public apology with his father standing right behind him with tears in their eyes.  Sad tears because the event happend and happy tears because they are doing the right thing.

"Its never to late to do the right thing."

9 - mimi   3 Nov 2007 @ 11:30:23 AM 


I am so glad you have now seen some of the major pages of the Texas Education Agency Certification judgement. This Very Strict board tried the case against Joelle and they asked questions and heard testimony about EVERY single allegation in this cse. The judge's decision was not wishy-washy either. He was Very adamant about the decision he reached on each issue. She has been totally exonerated, but still the school administration and board refuse to do the right thing by her. She doesn't even want her job back. She is very happy being a stay-at-home mom at this point. For five years, her days have been filled with focusing on getting her good name back and making the school administration accountable for their unfair firing of her without giving her a chance to respond to the allegations. I say it is High Time the school step up to the plate and DO THE RIGHT THING. If nothing else, do it for the families of all the ones involved. The boys are trying to move on with their lives. This poor woman has been Wronged and I don't believe she will move on until she feels she has gotten the justice she deserves. I don't blame her. What do any of us have if we don't have our good name? As a citizen of this town, I know I speak for many of us who honestly want to see her and her family as well as the boys and their families have productive, happy lives. I believe that these boys would be MUCH better off emotionally as well as in the eyes of the town, if they would MAN-UP and apologize for their lies. It would be very uncomfortable and embarrasing for them for a short time, but look at the benefits they would get. They would finally be able to sleep well and look at themselves in the mirror, knowing they were able to help this woman put her life back together by bringing her good name back to life after they had MURDERED it. They could effectively bring this woman back from the dead, because they have KILLED her good name. If they don't, I am so very scared and worried for what life holds for them. God's law of the universe is that Actions Have Consequences. They thought this would soon be over, but something of this magnitude will follow them all their lives. Even when everyone else has forgotten it, they will not be able to, because they have been responsible for another human beings' misery and downfall. What a horrible load to carry. I sincerely pray that God will not let them rest until they do the right thing. Many, many people in this town have been praying for these boys, their families and the Ogletrees for a long time, and I ask all of you to pray for them. God wants His Good for all of them.

10 - Integrity*rules   3 Nov 2007 @ 8:53:21 PM  Very Good words mimi!
WoW if they all did come clean what a burden that will put on Mrs. Ogletree. Can she ever forgive them?
That would be more difficult than what the boys need to do. Some how (maybe after some time passes) I think Mrs. Ogletree is the kind of person that would "always" do the right thing.

If it were me? I think I could forgive the first two but I'm not sure about the last (Matt B) who holds to his lie?
But I would only forgive if they were sincere and in some way could make me believe that they were truly sorry.

11 - Integrity*rules   4 Nov 2007 @ 2:22:16 AM  I have heard it said and don't know who originally said it.

"If you always tell the truth you only have one story to remember."

That thought might apply here? I know it would help Matt out. Must be hard to remember all the different stories.

12 - salon   4 Nov 2007 @ 8:13:42 AM  I like that, Integrity. It's just not good enough to say, when you're caught in a lie "Well, that was my testimony".
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13 - SomervellSally   4 Nov 2007 @ 3:23:45 PM  Is there no recourse for Ms O when ONCE an accuser is of age and they continue to spread afresh and anew a slam at her character, is there no recourse for her to sue that 0 accuser personally in a civil suit? If so, perhaps that would slow down the young stud want-a-be.
Latest Blog Post by SomervellSally -Celebrate Somervell !
14 - Integrity*rules   4 Nov 2007 @ 8:09:13 PM 

Is there no recourse? SomervellSally wrote.  It dosen't appear to me that Ms O is  looking for "recourse" only closure and a touch of amnesia would be a blessing! I bet she prays to wake up one morning and realize this was all a very bad dream.

Sweet justice will be served when she wins her court case against the school district and they have to pay thousands of dollars for their mistake and she is free from the debt that this has brought to her families life.

(Sorry "Somervelle" in the end the Tax Payers will pick up the tab, but it's the right thing to do.) Bet it would save you tons of money if you settle out of court???


15 - salon   12 Dec 2007 @ 11:10:22 AM 

Let me remind that I will not put comments on the site that talk about Ogletree's husband, regardless of what else is said in the comment, mostly because it's irrelevant, unproven gossip.The Administrative Law Judge report, which I assume everyone on this site has read by now (because surely no one would comment without at least being informed) -this is from pages 64-66, I quote only a small part of this.

J. Courtship and Marriage of the Ogletrees
1. Staff’s Exploration of Relationship Between Doug and Joelle Ogletree
Ms. Ogletree challenged Staff in its effort to question her former colleagues about the timing of her courtship and marriage to her husband. In response, Staff explained that it was not suggesting anything improper had happened between the Ogletrees prior to their courtship. Instead, the purpose of the probe was to show bias in the Ogletrees’ witnesses. Staff argued that just as the witnesses never considered the possibility of an inappropriate relationship between the Ogletrees prior to Ms. Ogletree’s graduation from high school, they likewise never at least considered the possibility that as a teacher she could have engaged in inappropriate conduct with students.
The ALJ was not persuaded that the age difference of the Ogletrees or the timing of their courtship and marriage bore any significant relevance to the disputed issues in this case. That Ms. Ogletree’s ex-colleagues had never questioned the nature of the relationship was not significant in the ALJ’s judgment of their credibility.

If the TEA (staff) wasn't trying to say that Ogletree's relationship with her husband was inappropriate, then nobody HERE is going to do it. either. and the ALJ also didn't think it was relevant.

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16 - Tmac   10 Sep 2011 @ 9:20:27 PM 

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