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Dr Phil Update about J Ogletree- Boy #1 -Chayce Wilson- Failed the Polygraph Test

1 November 2007 at 4:21:21 PM

The person administering it said he was deceptive. Here's from Dr Phil's website with day one, which includes some pretty smarmy allegations (I skipped past those graphic details, and frankly, wondered why this young man would want to be talking about it on the phone with his mom listening. Ew! (Incidentally, if you watch the show, you'll see them show the name of the person who took the polygraph in case you can't figure out from the back of his head which kid this is.

Screen capture from when Dr Phil is about to talk about the polygraph results with Chayce Wilson, whose name, again, is shown a couple of times onscreen).

UPDATE: The original article from the Austin American Statesman, has this bit.

Chayce, who returned to work in the family real estate business after attending Bible college, says he told the truth. "It happened," he says. "I don't know if it happened the way I said it did; it was very unclear to me. I didn't write down in my daytime planner, 'I messed around with my teacher today.' I tried to forget it."

As a commenter on this blog has said, he doesn't KNOW if it happened the way he said it did??? Well, I guess not, since he failed the polygraph and the Administrative Law Judge hearing Ogletree's case found his allegations to be fabricated.  Does he think about how it happened as he works in his family's real estate business?

Or listening to mom's voice on the phone, if you don't know which mother it is.) Apparently, he got another chance to try to explain to the man administering the polygraph why he wasn't lying and being deceptive.

Some things Ogletree said. First, that when the mistrial was declared, all charges were dropped. Second, that TEA *did* examine evidence in their hearing before restoring her teacher's license.

Will update this after while with a fair use snip from the show. Update below.

This first one is her briefly talking about how charges were dropped, etc. Both clips are edited

This is Boy #1 getting the polygraph. As I said before, I thought it was a little odd that mom was on the phone and then in the background while Boy #1 was telling a really soft-porn style story. I had recorded the show and had to jump past most of that because when I realized how graphic it was, it was too icky to listen to. Did mom stay there to listen to make SURE that Sonny Boy told his story without running away? Also, what kind of defense was it when Boy #1 was found to be deceptive for him to, basically, accuse the SCIENCE of the polygraph machine. How weak.

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1 - truthseeker   1 Nov 2007 @ 6:10:09 PM 

salon, it is so funny to me how quick you are to defend Joelle when you said you had no opinion one way or the other.  Yes, he failed the lie detector.  But you are forgetting he passed the first one.  Does that mean he was telling the truth then but not now?  And as her lawyer was quick to say on behalf of Joelle, why take another one when she already passed the first one.  Maybe she would fail hers too after 5 years.  But we will never know, because she won't take one.

And you don't mind smearing the boy for telling his story. Was he not supposed to go into detail?  You forget, she contacted the show.  As for saying it in front of his mother...I can only hope that my child will tell me every detail if something happened to her, regardless of how graphic it was. 


2 - salon   1 Nov 2007 @ 6:41:02 PM 

In fact, you may have missed the fact that I have defended, here, continually, Ogletree's right to defend herself. I DO have a strong opinion on that, I do not know her personally, so cannot judge aside from the facts of the case as presented, and I'm presenting a snip of what I saw on the show. I have also said earlier today that I wouldn't go on a television show to discuss problems, this is probably the second time ever I have even watched Dr Phil, and I don't intend to make it a habit when, even with a warning, graphic details are discussed on afternoon tv. I don't know that she approached the show or vice versa, so apparently you know something for certain that I don't and can't comment on. You also may have no problem if your child went on a daytime show and discussed graphic sex with you listening in the background, but that's your choice, isn't it? Mine is to wish that such sensational details were not aired, especially on daytime television when it seems that ratings are king. As far as the lie detector test for Joelle, I don't disagree but it also seems to me that, nonetheless, charges were dropped against her, etc etc etc. The two (and that will include Boy #2 tomorrow) that did take the test can have their results examined, regardless of Ogletree and  one cannot ignore that Boy #1 was called deceptive on his answers. We'll see how Boy #2 fares tomorrow.

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3 - beinformed   1 Nov 2007 @ 8:43:33 PM 


She did not contact the show. They contacted her.

Also, all three boys passed a polygraph five years ago, all given by the same examiner.  Keep in mind one of those who passed was proven to by lying because she was provably over one hour away at the time he said the misconduct occurred. I believe that puts the validity of their first polygraphs in question.

4 - Moses   1 Nov 2007 @ 9:21:22 PM  Well, hello there.  My, my...what a mess.  I've only lived in Glen Rose several years, but I can tell you it's more like "America's dirty, little closet" than "America's dream town!"                  When I first moved here, I set out to put my spiritual finger on the town's pulse.  My first observation was towards the racial overtones lingering in the atmosphere.  I've lived in several states, including one in the "South".  I've never lived anywhere with this much casual usage of the "N" word.  I think it stems from the confederate soldiers who were from here or settled here after the civil war.  You know....generational crap passed down from father to son and so forth.             My next observation was an easy one.  It was staring me in the face at every corner.  Meth.  Great-galloping-gophers Batman!  Where have all your teeth gone?  And apparently the law can't make anything stick longer than an overnight stay in the tank.  Hmmmmmm?  Tweek, tweek, tweek.  You're 34!? I thought your were like, 54!  Man, lay off the sauce.            Ok.  The next one took a little longer to materialize.  I believe there is a spirit of "adultery" over Glen Rose(pardon my "Christianese")...like a whispy fog...slowly clouding your vision.  I can't tell you how many cheating stories I've heard since I've moved here.  I'm actually numb to it now. And premarital sex? Forget about it!  Fathers, lock up your daughters and man your shotgun.  This town is obsessed with sex.  Makes me wanna vomit.  So, this being said, I can see how someone might fall into the pit of dirty relations.  It's everywhere. Like dog crap. Try not to step in it.           

5 - U_Cant_B_Serious   2 Nov 2007 @ 4:48:31 PM  This whole scenario reeks of conspiracy against Ms. Ogletree. If the parents of these boys (particularly the fathers) actually believe their sons' stories they are in deep denial.

Why this woman's reputation and career needs to be shredded simply because she stood up for herself and spotlighted those who told lies is so beyond me. It is so pathetic that these people feel the need to continue to perpetuate the lies in some bizarre way to save face and demean Ms. Ogletree in the process.

The influence of power from these 'big fish in a small pond' figures just astound me. The damage caused to real people and their lives just seems to not register with some people when faced with doing the right and moral thing.

While there are certainly some in the teaching profession who conduct themselves in a dispicable and immoral manner when it comes to their interactions with students, this scenario has to make you wonder what type of people will continue to enter the profession. If someone cannot be fully restored in reputation and career following these obvious 0 allegations, why would ANYONE put their reputations, career and lives at risk in the future?

6 - salon   2 Nov 2007 @ 5:11:53 PM  With you, U! She's to be commended for not taking the plea deal and deciding to fight this, despite knowing how terribly embarrassing and harrassing it might prove to be.
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7 - Skip   2 Nov 2007 @ 6:05:52 PM 

What a horrific story. It makes me question the entire "Plea Bargain" process. The innocents get jail time and the guilty get a lighter sentence. What kind of deal is that?

Bless you Joelle for continuing the fight. I trust your innocence and respect your strength.

8 - mimi   2 Nov 2007 @ 10:52:11 PM  Bless You, Salon, for getting to the bottom of all this. You did a better job than Dr. Phil. The T.E.A. judgement addresses every issue here and puts them to rest in Joelle's favor. The criminal court did not find enough to connect her and the Texas Education Agency completely exonerated her. Why the school district will not listen to the courts rulings and abide by them is beyond understanding. I think they are just embarrassed to back down. How Sad and Shame On Them! Unfortunately they are going to cost the district and taxpayers a lot of money, when she would be satisfied with an apology and fair compensation for her loses.

9 - joe   2 Nov 2007 @ 11:23:03 PM  Sounds like some new people might be needed in the school district board...maybe it's time for Glen Rose residents to 'clean house' and put in a board with some brains.
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10 - joe   2 Nov 2007 @ 11:25:54 PM  and while I'm at it...Chayce Wilson's dad (Glenn Wilson) is on the city council last time I checked. I think it's maybe time for him to resign...he OBVIOUSLY has very bad judgement.
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