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Vanilla Ice In Stephenville-Snarking at the Ty Murray Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge Show

15 August 2007 at 8:19:09 AM

Background. I saw in the Stephenville paper yesterday that the show that brought Vanilla Ice, Stephen Baldwin, and Leif Whatsisname-Garrett-Or-Something-Who-Was-A-Singer-Or-Something-A-Hundred-Years-Ago to Erath County Texas was on yesterday. So I recorded it and watched it last night. What a HOOT!

Other guys were there, too, like Anthony Quinn's son (just saw Quinn in La Strada the night before and his son is a hunk), some guy named Nitro, a man who dyed his pee-wee-herman-cowlick blue, Rocket Ismael, former Cowboy (football, not rancher), and some goofball guy with red hair that was a *Reality Show* man. Did NONE of these men know what it was to ride a bull? Were they lured there with some cash for their failing careers? Because, I mean, NONE of these guys were A-listers.

We watch rodeo sometimes here and I have a cousin who was a champion bull rider some years back. If a person can stay on a bull for 8 seconds, he (never saw a woman) wins. Most of the ones I watch can't do it. They fall off, and then some rodeo clowns try to distract the bull so that the man is not stomped to death. Once at the Fort Worth Stockshow and Rodeo, I saw a man get stomped by a bull. Those bulls Do Not Play.

Believe it or not, the only sort of normal guy there was Vanilla Ice (Rocket Ismael also might have been normal, but he was pretty quiet). Course the man grew up in Carrollton, Home Of Gangs (heh... Not.) Van Winkle's face was very expressive; in fact, most of these men looked most of the time like "Chit! What did I get myself into?"The goofiest one was Leif Garrett, seen above. Don't remember him? Well, he looked like THIS back in his day.

but I'm telling you Times Have Changed. He obviously doesn't like it that he's bald, so he not only wore a bandanna around his head, slung low over his dang eyes, but then a hat on top of that. I know people wear bandannas on hot days, but they do NOT halfway cover their eyes so they can't see. Anyway, Garrett got thrown by the bull after hanging on for maybe 3 seconds, and turned into a whiny baby. He went to bed and the next morning when Ty Murray tried to get him up, he whined from his bed that he was too old for this and he hurt. And he was quitting. Murray went into the room and there, lying in the bed with the covers up to his chin, was Garrett.. who was wearing... the bandanna. In bed. heh. The REAL insult to all of this was one of those shots were, reality-show-like, somebody talks about somebody else to the camera. Murray said something like "I thought he was too old to do this.". Oooo boy.

My favorite part was watching Stephen Baldwin get bucked off the bull and laying on the ground. as the link at the top of this shows, he was rushed to the hospital after that. He looked just like any other person going to Walmart.

P.S. They stayed in a place called Quail Ridge. I looked it up, as it looked like a cute ranch to stay at, and it's actually in Glen Rose, right around Chalk Mountain, before you get to the road split that goes to Hico.

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